Publish0x has added new features Did you tried? 🧐
Publish0x has Added New Features

Publish0x has added new features Did you tried? 🧐

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 3 Jul 2020

Publish0x a Crypto Blogging platform where you can earn crypto by reading and publishing your content has added a new feature called statistics. Since you can't add use tools like Google Analytics on Publish0x so this is a great feature.


Recently they have also added the feature called Bookmark  🔖  and we had covered it in our post and now they have added Statistics Feature and this is a sign that they are upgrading their platform by adding more features. 

Since they have not completely launched 🚀  Publish0x Platform (Because it is in Beta phase) and the Publish0x team is working on the platform to make a wonderful Crypto Blogging Platform. So it is good to see any Updates. 🥳


This feature is helpful for writers or authors to check the complete detail of any post 😎. By using this feature you can check which article is working and help you to earn Cryptocurrency 💲, which type of article your reader wants to read 📖. After knowing the everything you can write special contents for your audience and this will help you to gain  more support and  more money sorry more crypto 😉


How to access Statistics feature?


This is so simple you need to follow the below steps 🚶.


  • Login to your Publish0x account. If don't have an account then create one using our referral link 


  • Go To your dashboard and now you can see this button called Statistics button. bf0eee28575bbfd41a67c5e06987bd514d061580fe1f4bf6d65c1a42b860c7f2.png
  • Click on it and check the performance of your article 


  This is My Publish0x Stats   

One thing That they had forgotten to add in this Statistics feature called Sorting. I mean we need the option to sort articles on the basis of earning, likes, dislike, Traffic, and tokens. That i missed in this update hope they will add in another update 😊


So if You like this article then share it so that Publish0x team will add sorting  feature asap 


This article is written by Aditya 😎 and you can follow him on Twitter 🐦 


Did you try this feature if yea then share your feedback 😊

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