CoinGecko candy 🍬 way to thanks users 👥
CoinGecko Candy 🍭  🍬  feature 🤫

CoinGecko candy 🍬 way to thanks users 👥

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 30 Jun 2020

I am a big fan of Coingecko alternative of CoinMarketcap (CMC) this is the reason why I installed their app 😎 in my phone 📱 


Recently they have added a new and awesome feature on the CoinGecko app as well as their website and it is delicious Candy 🍬  😋😋😋.


But you can't eat it because it is not original candy but they are valuable.


CoinGecko ' s Candy 🍬  is a new way to reward their users 👥 


You can collect Candy 🍬  every day on CoinGecko' s website and also on their applications (iOS and Android) 📱


You will find a candy bar icon on the top right corner of the website as well as on applications, where you can claim your free candy 🍬

CoinMantra, CoinGecko,Candy 🍬 Features

You can use these CoinGecko candies to get discounts on CoinGecko and their partner's Store 🏫


Points to Note down 


 Want to collect more candies 🍬  then maintain your streak, you'll get a big bonus on day 7! 


You need to login on your CoinGecko account every day to claim these candies, This is an important step to get CoinGecko Candy 🍬 


At the time of writing, this article they are only providing  6 products and they will every day more in the coming days, and we have listed below 


  • CoinGecko Store vouchers

  • CoinGecko How to DeFi book the actual price of the book is $25 

  • Exclusive 15% discount voucher from Cobo

  • Limited Edition Blockchain Heroes NFT

  • Limited Edition CoinGecko-Axie Infinity NFT Item

  • Limited Edition CoinGecko 1st POAP NFT


Don't have a CoinGecko account Create one To Track your favorite Crypto 😊


What do you think CoinGecko's Candy Feature lets us know in the comment section😉


Note: This is not a paid or sponsored article, this is an opinion of one of our team member named  Aditya on CoinGecko's Candy feature

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