Why I think Everyone Should Hold Some $BAT For Years To Come

Why I think Everyone Should Hold Some $BAT For Years To Come

By kevW!ls0n | coinMANIA | 16 Jul 2019

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) project and the related Brave browser project is one of the best Ethereum based tokens. And in my opinion, one of the best altcoins out there. Period.


The major reasons for why I think BAT should be a token that should be HODL’d is listed below. BAT investors will know all of these arguments, but newbie investors who do not which coin to choose from might be able to see why BAT is so popular.

1. Different From Other Coins

BAT is a very unique project in that I don’t think that there are any other tokens (I haven’t checked all 2000 or so -.-) that are doing what it is doing, or at least doing it as well as BAT. The strength and persuasion of BAT’s purpose in this niche can be seen in the sheer amount and diversity of publishers (The Guardian, The Washington Post) and YouTube content creators that have joined the network. No one other project can say this. 

And the only reason these creators and publishers have joined the list is because BAT offers a functional and purposeful solution to a pressing problem on the internet.

2. Ad-Free Fast Browsing 

The first thing you’ll notice if you download and install the Brave browser is the fact that it is blindingly fast. Way faster than Chrome or Firefox. You view ads only if you want to, and in a nice touch, Brave shows you how many ads and trackers have been blocked, and how much time has been saved through decreased load times.

There’s only one thing to say here: download Brave browser yourself and see if it isn’t super fast.

3. Spearheaded by Mozilla Co-founder and JavaScript Founder

The BAT and Brave project is being led by Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Eich brings with him many years of working in the internet and web browser space, so his experience and insight adds a lot to the project. Having worked with Mozilla and knowing what the competition in the space is like, Brave has an invaluable member in EIch.

Eich is quite communicative about BAT and Brave’s progress, hosting AMAs on Reddit and the like. 

4. Completed a $30 Million Funding in 1 minute

In 2019, BAT and Brave is reportedly completing a $30 million round of funding in a Series A funding round. There are no confirmed reports though, just a lot of media outlets saying that it is on the horizon. However, Brave receiving more funding would not be a surprise, given how well the project has performed. 

The team has also hit many development milestones, so you can expect more funding coming Brave’s way/


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