Showing You My 2 Coins I Just Purchased #showmyportfolio

By kevW!ls0n | coinMANIA | 7 Jul 2019

MKR and VET are my top coins of choice and I know I am not alone thinking these 2 projects are great! Split pretty even between them both - check them out in my portfolio below!


Let me start by explaining why I have chosen these two projects to investment. Firstly, I believe strongly in decentralized money. It is one of the main principles that Satoshi developed Bitcoin around. Everybody has their chance to become their own bank. Those familiar with the MKR project will understand why I have chosen MKR to be my project of choice regarding decentralized money - if you are confused, don’t worry I will explain shortly!

Secondly - I strongly believe in real value use cases in the blockchain industry - and by use case, I mean actually used for something other than making transactions. One of the areas that have started to explore the implementation of blockchains is the supply chain sector. VeChain has already built a great infrastructure in the supply chain management solution and have managed to onboard some pretty big partners.


Maker - Decentralized Money


Decentralized money is important - extremely fucking important! The central banks around the world have been manipulating the circulation of money through both fiscal and monetary policy - creating a huge misalignment between those holding currency and those issuing currency.

Well, through the magic of smart contracts on the Ethereum network - Maker has created a central bank architecture that circumvents the misalignment between issuer and holder - through a completely decentralized autonomous system.

Through the Maker platform - users have many options that typical banks can present such as holding, storing and accruing interest on their savings. Maker has also built an architecture that allows users to issue fully collateralized loans - most importantly, it is completely permissionless. That means if you own ETH, OMG or any of the other cryptos accepted by MKR - you can take out a loan of DAI and use it as you please.


VeChain Thor -  Securing Huge Partnerships


VeChain is a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) project that has created a supply chain management system through their use of special chips that can track raw ingredients along the entire supply chain to the consumer. This presents a whole new range of opportunities for many different sectors as each member along the supply chain line can now verify that the goods they are receiving are accurate and as described.

However, one of the most exciting things about VeChain Thor is the fact that they have managed to already secure partnerships with Deloitte and PWC - 2 of the largest accounting firms in the world. Deloitte has recently partnered this year with VeChain to develop solutions on their blockchain. PWC had already previously partnered and had even acquired a minority stake.


So there you have it! These are the 2 exciting picks that I REALLY wanted to show you guys! Let me know what you think.

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