PayAccept Review, Accept over 50 different cryptocurrency

PayAccept Review, Accept over 50 different cryptocurrency

By 9jaflick | Coinloaded | 18 Aug 2020

If you have been an active or casual participant in the blockchain industry, you have likely heard of decentralized finance (DeFi). The industry is on a rampage, with more than $4 billion in assets locked up in DeFi projects. Currently, the DeFi industry is growing by nearly half a billion dollars per week as investors and entrepreneurs find refuge in a financial system that is not tied to any government or corporation.

PayAccept is a decentralized finance (DeFi) That offers seamless benefits to all individuals. Its a company headquartered in Netherlands and it's operated on blockchain technology. 

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PayAccept Services:



PayAccept lending is based on the benefits brought by the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for transparent and secure protocols to source and secure funds that are incentivized with various crypto rewards. All users within the PayAccept Ecosystem will be able to benefit from the lending program 



Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are one of the most important innovations in the blockchain industry, as users are always in control of their funds, which are stored in external wallets. This alleviates the risk that comes with depositing crypto into exchanges, which can lead to losing all of your funds in case of a hack

Risk Management Services

Before now, there are no automatic safeguards or custodians to protect users against user errors. Thankfully, PayAccept insurance products that can help mitigate risk. This insurance can be applied to pools, personal wallets and smart contracts that are used to pool money for lending and staking. 


PaYAccept Platforn Features  

PayAccept has very rich features for its users and by using these features all users will definitely love it and these are user friendly and more beneficiary than any other same payment system.

1- Link Banks:

Users can link up to 03 banks and their accounts and in this way, they can manage and withdraw their funds in a very easy way to their banks.

2- Automatic:

PayAccept all transactions are automatic and up to date. you can check all the history of your assets, transactions any time in fingertips.

3- Insights:

In PayAccept wallet, you can see your daily average and monthly in and out transactions.

4-Cold Storage :

PayAccept is more conscious about your assets and they have cold storage wallet for your assets in this way PayAccept secure your assets in a secure offline wallet.

5- Notifications:

Get instant notification of all your transactions (Deposit and withdraw funds).

6- Private Keys:

You are the owner of your wallet no one can interupt into your assets as you have the only one who keeps the private keys to log in to your wallet. But do remember always keep your private keys in a secure offline and easily reachable position.


How to use Payaccept to start accepting payments?

PayAccept works on all smartphones with QR codes. One the user will create its own wallet with all security features he may start receiving payments in a supported currency. PayAccept App will provide the possibility of transactions between PayAccept users directly without long wallet adresses by simply typing the email ones or the name of the user to whcih you will transfer the money.


PayAccept support over 50 cryptocurrencies in the very beginning and in the near future as the platform will fully functional the users will see that Payaccept will introduce most lovely features and security system with full privacy and will add more cryptocurrencies

Pay Accept is currently listed on Blockfolio, the global renowned platform, and most well-liked and trendy crypto currency and Bitcoin portfolio tracker. The PayAccept developers decided on this partnership in a bid to establish a veritable point to keep an eye on the prices and volume of PAY. The team has promised to fashion more collaborations and list PAY on a good number of tracker.


Pay Accept has been able to achieve some of its lofty objectives and set targets following quality partnership they have been able to enter invaluable and strategic organizations, such as partnership with and Blockfolio

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