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By 9jaflick | Coinloaded | 27 Sep 2019

Cryptoknowmic brings you the latest latest news happening around the blockchain industry, updates on numerous cryptocurrencies along with real- time market  price, technical analysis, information, guides and breaking updates

Cryptoknowmics is a one-of-a-kind and decentralized media portal that serves all aspects of cryptocurrency. Cryptoknowmic strive to be the largest media platform in the crypto space and want to provide it users with all the information and services. This innovation is reflected in the content strategy of our platform.

Cryptoknowmic feature news, videos, news, events, analysis, market fundamentals, dApps, ICOs, STOs, IEOs, coins, tokens, exchanges, exchanges, in-depth market analysis, training modules and tutorials to help enthusiasts and traders gain a better understanding of the complex, the world of cryptography and the identification of market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and provide our users with a complete and detailed overview and technical analysis of the market. We also help people who are looking for work in cryptography and employers by posting their names and information on our platform.


Since Bitcoin established in 2009, cryptocurrencies have seen people around the world to create new products, services, markets and investment opportunities for unprecedented growth and potential.

Cryptocurrencies quickly captured the public interest, they are fast becoming common in everyday affairs. This creates a huge demand for encrypted messages and encryption-related products and services. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, encryption and related media sites on the Internet. However, almost all the media is concentrated in one or several encryptions or professional aspects of space. Therefore, people often need access to the resources/platform to meet their needs, because there is no single reliable source or platform that can effectively and efficiently serve the needs of almost all market segments encryption. On the other hand, this situation may be faced with the challenge of encryption products/services Promoter reached the mass market without expensive exercise.

The Industry Today 

Blockchain technology is believed to have some great features such as high level of transparency, greater accuracy, high security, high speed and low processing cost among others which can really help with the development and revolution of media industries. With the introduction of blockchain technology in the media industry, decentralization will set in and this will bring effective audience targeting, content distribution and better advertising system which are the major objective of the media industry.

The concept of blockchain technology was mainly connected with crypto-currency that was introduced some years ago with the development of the first decentralized digital currency known as bitcoin. Ever since the launch of this digital currency, there has been a huge demand in crypto-currency which was as a result of gradual integration and adoption of technology in every sector. With the development in every sector so far, it was discovered that blockchain technology is not just about crypto-currency alone but with the advent of this technology, the structure of other industries has been changed and with the use of this technology in CRYPTOKNOWMICS media it is expected that the entire media industries we also be changed.


The media industry is one of the fastest growing industries and because of this, there is need for advanced, secure and effective technology to grow and this is why CRYPTOKNOWMICS was launched to solve the issue facing the media industries.


CRYPTOKNOWMICS MVP section includes the following features such as the news segment, ICO/IEO/STO listing, exchange listing, Airdrops Listing, Events Listing, Job Services Listing, Blog, Dapp Listing, and Latest Crypto Prices. All these are the features that can be found in CRYPTOKNOWMICS platform.


CRYPTOKNOWMICS has launched its own native token so as to help its objective in revolutionizing the media industry. Details of CRYPTOKNOWMICS native token below

Token Name => Cryptoknowmics Token
Token Symbol => CKM
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 10,000,000,000
Token Price => $0.0024


30% Allocated to Content Contributors/Subscribers
25% Allocated to Private/Crowd Sale
15% Allocated Bonus Reserve
15% Allocated to Team Reserve
10% Allocated to Advisors and Partners
5% Allocated to Bounties and Airdrop



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