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Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. It goes back to the days of flowcharts and presentations that would represent the gigantic server-farm infrastructure of the Internet as nothing but a puffy, white cumulus cloud, accepting connections and doling out information as it floats

How does cloud computing work?

Rather than owning own computing infrastructure or data centers, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.

One benefit of using cloud computing services is that firms can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure, and instead simply pay for what they use, when they use it.

Example: When you update your Facebook status, you’re using cloud computing. Checking your bank balance on your phone? You’re in the cloud again. Chances are we rely on cloud computing to solve the challenges faced by small businesses, whether you’re firing off emails on the move or using a bunch of apps to help you manage your workload.

In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal. Of course, cloud computing is big business: The market generated $100 billion a year in 2012, which could be $500 billion by 2020.

 Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? It’s because cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits…Let's check out some of the benefit below.

1. Flexibility

Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. 

2. Capital-expenditure Free

Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow. 

3. Security

Lost laptops are a billion dollar business problem. And potentially greater than the loss of an expensive piece of kit is the loss of the sensitive data inside it. Cloud computing gives you greater security when this happens. Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine. And you can even remotely wipe data from lost laptops so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

4. Automatic software updates

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. Suppliers take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates – including security updates – so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself.

Not to mention but few..... 

Blockchain Base Cloud Computing

Blockchain bears opportunities for developers unseen since the turn of the century. The blockchain is what the cloud was always supposed to be — a truly transparent and interconnected network that eliminates the need for a centralized transactional authority and solves for the cloud’s most troubling security risks. 

History has seen a number of technologies that qualify as such. The cloud, arguably, was one. The blockchain is another.

In fact, just as the cloud displaced legacy enterprise applications, decentralized ledgers will soon replace centralized cloud-based systems.

One reason is decentralized ledgers are simply technologically superior to centralized ones. They solve a key question which has troubled enterprise executives for years: how do you guarantee that your company’s data is stored and used in a way that’s compliant with the law if you’re forced to entrust those processes to an unaccountable, outsourced vendor?

The blockchain eliminates that concern. On the blockchain, you know your data cannot be secretly tampered with. When things go wrong, it’s easy to figure out what happened and who should be held accountable.

Not a single cloud vendor can claim the same. And that’s why companies powered by blockchain technology will win the future: they simply provide a better way forward.

Introducing HiveNet

HiveNet is a German based Distributed Cloud Computing Network Company, which uses the blockchain technology to connects Supper high, ultra high and mini computers all around the globe to perform valuable computing tasks.


HiveNet is also good for the environment, because it will increase the usage of readily available computers. Therefore, less resources will be consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage will be created

HiveNet aims to create a flexible system and user friendly platform to break down barrier experience by cryptocurrencies user and enthusiasts  by defining a suitable measures to simplify the user experience. This way, HiveNet will even attract those customers and users, who neither have a clue about cryptocurrencies nor do care about them at all. Computer owners will be able to cash-out theirHiveCoin earnings through various channels, including common options, like using a debit card or PayPal

HiveNet Cloud Computing Architecture

There is an entirely different "cloud" when it comes to business. Some businesses choose to implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where the business subscribes to an application it accesses over the Internet.

There's also Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), where a business can create its own custom applications for use by all in the company. And not to forget Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which offers the capability to customers to deploy and run arbitrary software, which can include operating systems and applications. Initially, the HiveNet will focus on supplying customers with PaaS. its decided to do so for two reasons. First, PaaS allows for the fastest go to market strategy. Second, PaaS is very flexible and allows targeting of a big part of the cloud computing market with little required individualization. As a second step, after PaaS, the HiveNet will focus on expanding into SaaS through cooperation with developers and acquirement of software licenses. Whether SaaS will be implemented within the initial development of the HiveNet will depend on the acquired funding it token sales.

HiveNet’s individual providers of computing power and the potential customers are each scattered all over the world.

Benefits of HiveNet

you put your idle computer to use

All around the clock and all around the world, there are countless idle computers. Private computers are in most cases only used for a few hours per day, if at all. Office computers are usually only used for up to 40 hours per week. Therefore, most computers are clearly underused. HiveNet offers the technological solution to utilize these idle times. This way, computer owners can make a profit from their computers, when they are not using them. HiveNet will achieve this by creating an isolated environment on the computer, which will allow renting out computing power to cloud computing customers, while still ensuring security against potential threats.

Low Cost

HiveNet is much cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (e.g. Amazon Web Services) don’t apply for HiveNet, because it utilizes idle times of already available computers. So, there is no need to invest into new computers, housing and many other operational costs

Resource Saving

HiveNet doesn't require the purchase or creation of new computers for it operations, it uses and increase usage of available computers. Thereby less resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage is created.

HiveNet Blockchain 

HiveNet uses Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Proof of stake is the consensus algorithm used by cryptocurrencies to validate blocks.

In a proof of stake system, the creator of the next block is determined by a randomized system that is, in part, dictated by how much of that cryptocurrency a user is holding or, in some cases, how long they have been holding that particular currency. Instead of computational power, as is the case in proof of work, the probability of creating a block and receiving the associated rewards is proportional to a user’s holding of the underlining token or cryptocurrency on the network.

The main advantage of proof of stake, over a system such as proof of work, is that it uses considerably less energy and as a result is more cost effective.

Proof of stake protocol is effective in not only encouraging individuals to partake in the system but also preventing any individual from controlling the network

Overall, the proof of stake consensus protocol is a robust system that effectively and efficiently fulfills its intended purpose. 

The Driven Force of the Platform (HiveCoin)

HiveCoin is a cryptocurrency design and developed by HiveNet Network, this is mechanism that powers the HiveNet ecosystem, and serve as a strong storage of value as well as benefitting from an upward price-pressure through the ongoing usage of the HiveNet.

 HiveNet Task Management System (HTMS)


The HTMS a new technology developed by HiveNet programmers, it's the core technology of the HiveNet’s decentralized cloud computing network. It ensures the optimal orchestration of customer tasks, the secure validation of computing results and the fair payment of computer owners


HiveNet will allows decent profits for individual computer providers and much desired cost reductions for customer


HiveNet Token and HiveCoin

During period of HiveNet’s mainnet launch, HiveNet Tokens (HNT) will be swap at 1:1 into HiveCoins (HVC).This means, one can receive the exact same amount of HiveCoins as one is holding HNT at the relevant time point, when the snapshot of the HNT ownership is performed. The technical framework, the exact time point of the snapshot and other related information will be published appropriately in advance the to all HiveNet Token holders

HiveNet Token Sales 





With full conscience the HiveNet development team are convinced that the HiveNet will be a huge success. It also have the best intentions that everyone participating in whatever capacity (including buyers of HiveNet Tokens) will personally benefit and profit from their participation in the HiveNet.

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