Has Ethereum's downturn started? Is the continuous rising wave over ?! That is a difficult question!

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 4 Sep 2020

The difficult Question!

No doubt, anyone watching Ethereum prices now wonders: Has the expected downturn started? Or in other words: Is Ethereum's uptrend over? That is a difficult question!
To answer it, you need to think a lot before you talk... and you also need to review the numbers and trends for Ethereum... After all this, you will need to use maybe... or a possibility... or not quite sure... There is no one - as I always say - He can answer such questions with complete certainty.

What do the numbers say for Ethereum ?!

We always say that numbers do not lie... It is true... But can their sincerity give us a certain answer in such a situation? No, of course, but it will undoubtedly give us better expect.
What do the numbers say then?
It says:

  • Those who have bet on Ethereum to invest in it as a promising currency since its inception has earned 9,000% so far.

  • And the highest price achieved by the currency, which ranks second in terms of order and importance after Bitcoin, was $ 1432 and that was on January 13, 2018.

  • And it in one year, Ethereum rose from $ 95 to $ 487.

  • During the last 3 months, the price of Ethereum increased from $ 219 to $ 487.

  • And Ethereum lost $ 54.57 yesterday, a decrease of 12.40%.

What do these numbers help us ?!

As you can see, the Ethereum numbers are saying that the coin is on the rise even as it falls!
Meaning that when the ascending wave started, it was starting from $ 219, but the rise was slow... At the level of about $ 280, and the accelerating rise began... but it is certainly not continuous...

During this period, the price was falling and then rising again.. but it did not fall at any time to the level of $ 280...

and after each drop, it would return to rise more strongly... After it broked the $ 300 barrier, it scored 322 and then 370, and after a sharp decline, it returned to break the $ 400 barrier...

And then Ethereum retreated before regaining its rise and almost breaking the $ 500 barrier two days ago. When it touched $ 480...

This is normal then.

I mean, after the wave rises, it must descend to rise again...
And often the return to the rise is more powerful and sharp than the previous time ..!

When will the Ethereum wave return to the rise ?!

This is the difficult question .. which no one can answer with certainty.

As we have seen, the numbers say that Ethereum will return to the upside ... and most likely it will break the number that it touched before the breakage of the last wave ... I mean $ 470 - 480

But when does this happen? Nobody can know.

So how long will it take for the next Ethereum rally to break the $ 500 barrier?

Nobody can tell you that.
The rise may start tomorrow, but it can not break the $ 500 barrier until a week later.
It may not be broken this time... It is very possible that Ethereum will return to retreat after ascending in preparation for a new and more powerful rise.

Everything is Ward in the field of cryptocurrencies .. it is a wave that does not move by itself, but is driven by the surrounding atmosphere.

So what do I do? What do you recommend?!

Do what you think is right for you ... and do not wait for advice from me or anyone else.
This article is only a personal opinion... As you know, my opinion may be right or error.

Do not try to base your decision on it or take advice to buy, sell, or invest.

This is clear but I need to repeat it every time...

Do not hold me - and do not hold my article - responsible for any decision you make...

You alone will be responsible for your decisions.

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