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Coin Hunt World - How Answering Trivia Questions Earns you Bitcoin and Ethereum

By ToucanTeemonty | Coin Hunt World | 24 Jun 2021

I see a lot of posts on Publish0x about earning crypto passively via staking, faucets, blogging, play to earn, etc., but I rarely see people mention Coin Hunt World. To be fair, it's still early days - the game is just wrapping up Beta testing - and not many people know about it, but I'm honestly surprised because the payouts are great compared to the aforementioned options. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to get rich from this game but from my experience it's easily one of the most lucrative ways to earn crypto, at least relative to the effort involved.


Coin Hunt World - What is it?

Here are the basics: Coin Hunt World is a geolocation game where you walk/bike/drive around to pick up keys, use the keys to open vaults, answer trivia questions, and if you get the question right, you earn crypto (BTC or ETH at the moment). How much crypto? Depends on the grade of the vault. The higher the grade of vault, the greater the payout. See below for vault categories and corresponding payouts and respawn timers:


As you can see, even the lowest tier of vault still has a decent payout, especially if you believe crypto has decent growth in its future. At the moment, only blue, green and yellow vaults are permanent on the map and red/purple keys are for special events only, but the devs have already added a lot to the game since I joined about a month ago.

Below are a few screenshots of one of my first yellow vaults - would you have gotten $10 USD equivalent in BTC? (probably, I think the question is pretty easy :) )

As you can see, I earned over 27,000 satoshi (~10 USD equivalent at the time) from answering just this one trivia question correctly and that was taken before the latest dip. If you answered a yellow vault correctly today, you would have earned over 30,000 satoshis. Surprisingly, I've found that the earnings are pretty consistent. In one month of playing, I've earned the equivalent of $150, and since I started playing crypto has dipped a lot, so that's saying something. I'll post my wallet balance below for those that don't believe me:



Downloading the Game

Downloading the game is very straight forward if you have an android device. If you click my referral link below it takes you straight to the download page. The referral obviously helps me out and tells me that you found this blog helpful, but it also helps you out when you're starting out. We each get two green boxes, worth about $2 USD in either BTC or ETH. Make sure to click the link before you build a HQ otherwise you won't get the referral bonus.

Coin Hunt World Download Link

If you have an Apple phone, there's one extra step involved because the game is still in Beta for another couple weeks. The Apple store requires that you open the app through the Testflight app, which allows you to download and play games in Beta testing. Steps for downloading Coin Hunt World on an Apple phone:

1) install TestFlight:
2) install the game app:
3) click this link again: Referral Code. Again, make sure to click on this link before you build your HeadQuarters. If your link launches the game, then it worked.

One thing that's important to note: the game is only available in North America at the moment, but the developers have announced plans to roll out the game in Europe in August 2021, and globally thereafter. So if you don't live in North America, hang tight, you should be able to download it in the next few months.

That's it, you're ready to roll! If you have any questions after you download the game, shoot me a message in the comments - I'm happy to provide tips and tricks I've learned so far.

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Coin Hunt World
Coin Hunt World

Earn bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto while exploring cities and getting exercise. Give it a try, the community is great!

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