Presearch (PRE)



Are you looking for a way to supplement your income when conducting routine searches on the internet?

 Use the PRESEARCH search engine to get paid in PRE.


** What exactly is presearch? is a decentralized search engine that focuses on the requirements of its users. It tries to make improvements to global online searches using blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

The lack of privacy and inappropriate use of personal data and browsing of users by the major search engines prompted the development of this search engine. Google is in control of more than 78% of all Internet searches. This monopoly has a direct effect on all markets, so Presearch is working to decentralize the amount using blockchain technology.

With all the traffic, Google, Yahoo, and Bing amass billions of dollars at the detriment of users. Presearch, on the other hand, aims to reward its users by providing them with their own cryptocurrency (PRE).

As a result, this initiative is connected to a slew of others, such as the Steemit social network and the ‘Brave' browser, with the goal of achieving a future open internet devoid of centralized institutions.


** Main Idea.

This is where the interesting part begins. Presearch has some tokens (cryptocurrency PRE) that are currently listed on the stock exchange, which is the key idea that we need to be clear about. And if we use their own search engine, they will compensate us in that currency.

You are not required to complete surveys, perform repetitive activities, or perform odd tricks... All you have to do now is look for terms. That easy! Using the site as a search engine is the only way to get your tokens.


**How to earn?

Create an account so that your PRE can be stored. Then  just use the Preasearch to find the topics or content you like and you get rewarded. That easy.


**Why you should use it?

It is time to understand that noone can use our personal data for free, and the ones who did so all these years and made profit, have to be dethroned.


The first decentralized search engine is here to make your searches on the web easier and also get rewarded. So why not? You know the lyrics:

It's a new thron,

It's a new way 

It's a new life

For me

And I'm feeling good

I'm feeling good.

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