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Mission to Mars: Perseverance D -2

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 16 Feb 2021

Few days back someone offered a chance for Publish0x readers to create NFT on Marble Cards; provided 10 matic tokens if one wanted to do it. Yes, I participated.

Less than an hour (first time always takes a while :) an NFT created with a long name, more like a description. It was a "picture" of an explorer on the red planet; a Mars rover, namely Perseverance.

Marble Card 76086

Marble Card #76086

A Little More About Perseverance

Short on the NFT because I would like to go and to know more about Perseverance. The cards was inspired by and linked to National Geographic which tells about Perseverance. Actually what I read and watch on the website is an animated projection for the robot, it's not real. But... !

But, in closely two days; February 18th according to NASA, Perseverance shall enter Mars atmosphere before starting her exploration on Mars. After getting launched in July 30th 2020 and seven months of orbit she is going to reach the most anticipated moment. The car sized vehicle going to have to go through 7 minutes of terror. No, it won't be that kind of terror – it would be like the seconds between someone says will you marry me and get the yes or no answer XD.

This critical time is the measure if Perseverance would be able to fulfill her service for science succeeding her sisters: Curiosity, Insight, Spirit and Opportunity.

This 7 minutes of terror; entering Martian atmosphere and gets fried, deploys supersonic parachute, aligns with the terrain, drops the loader rocket, to touch-down Martian ground safe and steady – also called as entry, descent and landing.

If she makes it, four objectives would be the horizon:
1. Looking for habitability.
2. Seeking biosignatures.
3. Caching samples.
4. Preparing for humans

At first, I thought she was built to collect samples which mostly stones. So, the other three objectives are actually the main reasons. Mankind on Mars. A big dream, a big hope.

Hope, and Tianwen-1

Apart from NASA, mission to Mars also engaged by The United Arab Emirates which involved personels from USA, India, Ukraine and (also launched in) Japan from diverse fields. The mission was named The Hope Orbitter (Misabar al-Amal) and the mission is to learn about various aspects of weather on Martian atmosphere.

Hope Mars Mission

Hope Mars mission

Meanwhile, Tianwen-1 has entered the Martian orbit in February 10th and attempt to land on Mars in May or June 2021. Quite ambitious for bringing orbitter, lander and also rover in one mission. It is a fine thing for a great country.

China Mars Mission logo

China Mars mission

February 18th 2021

NASA going to have live stream on Youtube broadcasting the landing of Perseverance. I have no idea how that would look. Curious? Let's watch LIVE !

The harsh time of pandemic and the the development of science, specificly having three missions to Mars gets me to the thought of mankind and humanity. Like they whom grateful to live in their time, I am very grateful to live in this time. Celebrating one more year of life.



The image of Perseverance on Mars is for aesthetic purposes only.

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