Private keys and USDT implemented & Atomic Swaps coming to Cloudtoken

Private keys and USDT implemented & Atomic Swaps coming to Cloudtoken

By Ourone | Cloudtoken Explained | 21 Jul 2019

Lots of Cloudtoken news over the last few days: 

  • Cloudtoken value is not measured anymore in $USD, but in USDT now. This is for compliance reasons, as in some jurisdictions a crypto asset associated with a local or foreign currency is considered illegal.

You can also feed the trading bot with the stable coin USDT now, rather than with BTC, ETH or LTC, which are more volatile. For the ones amongst you, who want to ensure daily referral payouts, it will be much easier now to stay above the $500 minimum, by using a stable coin.

Remember, a minimum of $500 in the Jarvis AI trading bot is required both by the referrer and the person referred, in order to receive bonus payouts. When you use volatile cryptocurrencies, it can happen that you slip under the minimum of $500 on some days, and you won't receive any referral commission until it goes up again (unless you top it up). Deposits in USDT solve that problem. 

  • Atomic swaps are coming to Cloudtoken! Wow... This is pretty advanced stuff, and if they really do that, it puts them miles ahead of other crypto projects. Let's see if and when this will really happen. The news have been shared by Ronald Aai himself, so it must be true... 




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This is highly risky! If you do decide to join, view it as a gamble and only put in money you can afford to lose!


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Cloudtoken Explained
Cloudtoken Explained

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