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By CloudCoin | CloudCoin | 24 Aug 2019

"Best way to predict the future is to build it!" Honest Abe

A new currency and new freedom


Economists say that money is a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account.

"I hate to insult the entire branch of study, but it seems these economists aren't much into science." Sean H. Worthington.

Let’s do a little empirical study of money. Take a dollar bill from your wallet and examine it closely. If you are observant enough, you will notice something very important: It is just a danged piece of paper with numbers on it. But it is not that simple. There has to be something special about these pieces of paper with numbers on them. And there is: They are very difficult to copy convincingly. And so we come to a new definition of money: Pieces of paper with numbers on them that are difficult to make realistic copies of. This is true, but why is it so important that money be difficult tocounterfeit?

The reason is that money has a job to do. It is supposed to tell us things that are true about the state of the world.


Money can tell us:

  • Who has created the most value in our economy.
  • If there is a shortage of rubber.
  • When we should grow more tomatoes.
  • Whether we should work as a doctor or an artist.

All of this is data.

Data is “things known or assumed as facts, which make up the basis of reasoning or calculation.”

And this brings us back to our definition of money:

Money is data used in a monetary system to track the contributions of each person and to help people economize.

The paramount importance of privacy


The philosopher Ayn Rand once said, “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.”

I promise that if we all could do anything we want (with the exception of violating the rights of others) without anyone knowing about it, then we would be much happier, wealthier, and the entire society would be better off for it. We should all strive to pursue our own happiness, and we should be able to do it privately. Today there are people in the world who want to tell us what we can do and what we can say. This is wrong, and a violation of our innate rights.

Digital currencies give us a chance to break free of their tyranny and live as we ought. No doubt these people will try to control money for their own selfish reasons.Now is when we must fight to establish within our societies the precedent of free and private use of digital currencies. We must also use this money to fight against government tyranny and bureaucracy. I urge you to learn about and use digital currencies. In doing so, you will make the world a freer place.

The future is happening now


A traditional database system has one owner. Facebook owns its databases. Your company owns its databases.

But RAIDA, blockchain and the DNS (Domain Name System, that database that makes it possible to find websites on the Internet) are forms of a new type of database that we have coined a term for: the superbase. The superbase belongs to all of civilization. It belongs to the superorganism. A superbase cannot be destroyed by individuals, hackers, or even governments.

The RAIDA superbase has a huge amount of potential uses that can and will serve all of humanity.


We have created RAIDAtech to develop these possibilities and promote freedom. Here are some ideas we are working on:

National currencies


Last year, the U.S. spent over eight-hundred million dollars producing Federal Reserve notes. More was spent combating counterfeiting.

RAIDAtech has already been contacted by interested nations that want a better currency. And no, these currencies do not need to be created by governments, but can be created by the people themselves. These deals are for hundreds of millions of dollars.

RAIDA is the only technology that can stop counterfeiting and handle the transactions of entire populations. RAIDAtech will save nations billions each year and cause their economies to explode in productivity. And people will have 100% privacy, with no more bank control or government manipulation.

Digital collectibles


An attempt was made to use blockchain technology for digital collectibles (CryptoKitties), but the attempt failed as it overwhelmed the capacity of the Etherium network.

RAIDAtech has already partnered with Digital Frontier Marketing LLC to create Celebrium - the world’s first counterfeit-proof digital memorabilia.

With this, we are now poised to dominate the $370-billion memorabilia industry.



Honus Wagner 1909 Baseball Card sold for $3.12 Million.

This is the most valuable baseball card in the world, and the idol of card collectors. The mint condition card of legendary Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Honus Wagnerfirst sold for $2.8 million in 2007. Wagner won eight batting titles in his career, and places third in the highest number of batting titles of all time.

But this is just one digital collectible possible.

Global inventory tracking


A variant of RAIDA can provide a simple low-cost global tracking system that allows the ownership of goods to be tracked privately, even as those goods pass from owner to owner, ensuring that the end user gets what the supplier sent.

Private stock markets


The RAIDA allows for new types of stock markets and securities. Securities that can be based on individuals, families, non-profit groups, corporations and projects. These securities can be traded privately.

Counterfeit detection in the pharmaceutical industry


With the help of nano technology, we may be able to embed chips smaller than the size of a human hair that can be safely ingested. These chips will allow for consumers of medicines to know if they are counterfeit or authentic. Knowing that a drug is real will create stronger value for the market, and will increase privacy.

Stopping the counterfeit of any physical or digital items


Using the RAIDA technology, a fool-proof method of counterfeit detection can be applied to any physical item (shoes, watches, purses, and other branded items frequently counterfeited), and to digital items (software, video games, in-game items, and movies). We can even embed data that would allow us to determine who leaked information should digital information be stolen.

Cross-over currencies


Because currencies such as CloudCoin (enabled by RAIDA) separate logic from data, it is possible to use these currencies to go from the real world into the virtual world and back (extending our economy into virtual reality).

RAIDA DATA stop the hack and keep it private


Imagine that you have the addresses of one-trillion hiding places in the Internet, and that you shredded the data into stripes.

Now envision each stripe going to a different hiding place. Only the person with the addresses to these hiding places could find the data.

The addresses are kept secure with an authentication process (RAIDA) that utilizes three-factor authentication. To access your keys, you must have a certificate, a pin number, the correct biometric information. If you lose your keys, they can be sent to your email - loss proof!

The protocols for this have already been designed.

Distributed social networks


Tired of having Facebook use your private information? We are now creating systems that allow users to keep their data in un-hackable storage systems, and off of servers that can be mined. Users will have much more privacy.

Voting systems


RAIDAtech is developing new technology that can be used in elections to ensure only real voters vote, and that they only vote once.

Accounting systems


CloudCoin is the first currency that can be imported into accounting systems. Already, RAIDAtech CloudBank software will allow deposits, withdrawals, check writing, check cashing and bill pay.

This is one of RAIDAtech’s major assets. But there is more.

RAIDAtech has re-invented the split tally stick - a way to record bilateral exchanges and debts privately - but in a digital version.

The hope is that it can be used to create the perfect accounting system where, internal records of debits and credits are never out of balance. It should also eventually be able to be used to create private contracts for debits and credits.

The Superbase


When Sean Worthington invented the RAIDA, he also noted that there were at least twelve other exotic data structures that have yet to be invented and developed.

We can combine the blockchain, RAIDA and these twelve others to create a new type of superorganism-owned database that will do amazing things for humanity.

RAIDA can be used in almost any industry.

Do these ideas intrigue you? Do you have ideas of your own? All hands on board the freedom train!

RAIDAtech is a research corporation that is developing new technologies to further human privacy and liberty.

To find out more about this new wave of innovative products, visit our webpage:

The Future is Happening Now!



This application provides the ability to rapidly and securely transfer authentic coins from person to person. No email or other file transfer systems are needed. What makes Skywallet so powerful is that like RAIDA, it cannot be brought down because, like RAIDA, Skywallet has data supremacy.

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CloudCoin Wallet, has been released to the public and can be found on our web


We expect to have the final version done within two weeks. The new Wallet can fix 400 fracked coins at a time instead of one at a time, track your deposits and transfers, Allow you to encrypt your coins, allow you to embed email hash for recovering lost coins by email. It can fix coins in the case that they RAIDA does not answer, It can also all you to keep your coins in the Cloud and transfer them to another person instantly without using email or other forms of file transfer.

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Now we are officially in the Liquidity phase. This is when we make it so our coin can be changed into goods, services and other currencies very quickly. Projects include the P2P Exchange, The Escrowed Exchange, The Craigs-List type Store, the Merchant software, APIs and Video games. The Peer To Peer Exchange. The backend and front-end business layer are 95% done. The GUI for the P2P exchange is 50% done. Then we need to add payments systems. An P2P exchange ready for testing in just a few weeks. The Merchant Software: Creates a "Pay With CloudCoin" button. It is completed and now in testing. Yea! We will need to improve it over time!

Thanks to all that you with us!

To be continued..........

Sean H. Worthington PhD ABD for CloudCoin Consortium.



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