Brave ads, do they change when you change regions?

Brave ads, do they change when you change regions?

By Sacrament | Click X Click | 10 Jun 2020

Did you know that famous VPNs exist, which are responsible for changing your region on the network to keep your virtual information safe?


Maybe I shouldn't say it, but it could help more and that, like me, was a pleasant surprise.


Here I go:

For security reasons I had to use my antivirus VPN (Norton), I did what I had to do on different pages, by then, I am from Mexico and with the VPN I switched to Germany, then I received an ad from my brave browser on German language!


I thought it was a mistake, so go on and reappear another ad in that language, now I checked it and in the ad counter in "Brave Rewards" I received 7 ads before, now 9 appeared.

So ... was the Brave browser updated to the new region?

Hours passed and again I had to use the VPN to update some data on other pages and again the ads began to appear in that language, now it was Belgium ...


More hours have passed and I have already disabled my VPN, so I am in the current region, and the ads in those languages ​​keep coming non-stop.

Ads received have already doubled, from 7 to 15 now!

I'm happy and maybe it's wrong to do that, but for me it was a very big and pleasant surprise.


Did it happen to someone else?


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