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By Ciderjunkie | ciderjunkie | 12 Aug 2020

Aloha Folks, 

its me Ciderjunkie i stopped counting my age when i reached the 40 so im still 40 i think... Dont ask how often i got 40 already and at least it doesnt be a effect of my human being . 

Im a Streamer, performer, influencer, dad, football fan ( soccer ), and a mystical being ^^ 

I love it to entertain people in my streams on Twitch or VIMM on both Plattforms you be able to reach me via the same Name. 

I´m running also a Eintracht Frankfurt Fanpage with over 8000 Followers and  about 12000 Readers every day. On hive i wrinting normally my  actual thingies, but i will give this a go and look forward about using both pages to get seen   :)



My actual games im Streaming are 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 

my actual Records on Plunder are : 

51 opened Boxes in one Round 
7 Wins in a Row
1.17 million collected as single player 
2.55 Million collected as Squad 

we had one round over 50 Kills 

Im running with a multiple Squad , we re some Germans, on British guy in da Nederlands, some British an American a swiss Dude and some guests  which join my channel time by time, so feel free to join me there as well, left a Follow or  say Hello in my chat 


We play some diffrent  Survival games as well and yeah i have a Bot which calls out me your messages so i hold a conversation to you guys and gals out there. 

I saw Pulish0x and knew i want to do my stuff here as well, because im openminded to NEW THINGS and i will give it a go... so now i need to see what happens next, but  the Future will show me because it starts right NOW !


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this and that, a bit of Cider culture and nerd stuff like gaming and infos about Eintracht Frankfurt...

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