Update on September BAT Rewards

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 6 Sep 2020

A huge question recently within the BAT community was how the cuts and spike in coin price would impact the distribution. I have received the rewards so far for my iPhone which did match up with the expected amount of 6.500 BAT which was a great sign!

However, my parents both use the browser for their personal computers to mixed results. My dad uses both Brave and Edge. He’s 65 so the transition from internet explorer was bad enough, not to mention Windows updates from the good old days of Windows 98! He received 11.750 BAT which I figured was probably pretty good for him and it is a new monthly high. My mom who uses Brave for her teacher stuff earned considerably less at just 2.000 BAT. I know she uses the browser more than what that represents so I will pay more attention the next week or so to see what it says she is earning.

Last night oddly enough I received 5.520 BAT from Brave Software International? I have never received from that place before. It’s a rather odd amount and does not reflect my computers at all so if anyone knows who or what that is from please let me know in the comments! It seems that they are valuing the tokens at $0.25 according to mu Uphold wallet which if true will be great! I earned a new confirmed referral this last month so with it being worth $7.50 BAT it’s another 30 BAT which is a pretty great catch for me! Due to publishers being paid later though I wonder if it is going to fluctuate and with BAT up 4% today to ~$0.26 it’s cutting into the referral amount. I’ve written down and taken note of the amount of BAT I should receive, 17 BAT from my main laptop and 12 from my secondary, so it will be interesting to see how those pay out.

The Brave Community page indicated that rewards would not be paid out till Tuesday however it is evident that may not be exactly true. Publisher BAT is paid on the 7th so it will be interesting to see if my payout will change. As of now it’s at 27.1 and 9.5 of that is from a 10 BAT top I got last month. If you did not know for the tips Brave takes 0.5 BAT per tip so if two 5 BAT tips are given you only will receive 9 BAT but one 10 BAT tip will give you 9.5 BAT. Thank you for reading!

If you are interested in downloading and trying out Brave it would be greatly appreciative if you use my link here

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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