Harvest Finance: Launches on its Third Blockchain!

Harvest Finance: Launches on its Third Blockchain!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 22 Jul 2021

After initally just being Ethereum based Harvest is making quick moves to be on several blockchains! It took a couple months but they expanded to Binance Smart Chain or BSC and before I could really even learn how to use BSM they added a third! Earlier this week they added Polygon formerly known as Matic!


Matic has quickly become a favorite among Ethereum users as it does not deal with a separate chain like Binance and is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum. It has huge supporters in the business world including Mark Cuban who has really thrown his weight behind it. With quick and extremely cheap transactions Polygon has rapidly been growing. 


Further boosting Polygon was that it was even added to Coinbase Earn a few weeks ago. Watch 3 videos answer 3 questions and bam $3 in Polygon. This was how I really found out about it besides just an article here or there mentioning it. Naturally, the Coinbase Effect blew its price up but with the pullback, it soon was trading at under a dollar a coin! Since it still is anyone's guess when Ethereum 2.0 will be fully rolled out networks like Polygon are filling a vital role in the DeFi space right now! 


Currently, there are only 3 farms on the network but there is an important thing about one of these farms that is very different than on BSC farms. SushiSwap is where the LP is located so users are more often than not be much more familiar with this decentralized exchange or DEX! For someone like myself, this is a huge thing and even better I do not have to deal with the BSC issues I would have run into since I am located in the United States. 


Harvest continues its march to being the best yield farm agitator in the game. When it comes to ease of use and a helpful community Harvest is really above and beyond the way to go. In my experience it made Compound look like it was hard and they continue to grow the farms on all fronts! Tomorrow I will write about the newest farms they have rolled out on the Ethereum chain but with the Polygon chain they have started out with three farms. Two are from QuickSwap and are the iFARM-QUICK pairing and the ETH-USDT pairing and the last one like I previously had mentioned were from SushiSwap and was the USDC-ETH pairing! 


Tomorrow I look forward to really diving into these three farms and the different yields offered. The iFARM-QUICK farm for instance yields miFARM which I believe is the Polygon version of iFARM while the ETH-USDT pair offers not only miFARM but also QUICK. Sushiswaps farm like you would expect yields miFARM and SUSHI as well! 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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