Brave's BAT Rewards Insight

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 30 Nov 2023

While I have seen and talked to plenty of people who either dislike or do not participate in the BAT rewards program on the Brave Browser I have continued to leave it on and collect my monthly BAT because at the end of the day, it is free crypto and it doesn't impact me whatsoever. Over the last few months, I was easily earning 5-6 BAT on a bad month and closer to 8 or 9 when I was using my laptop a lot. It was really odd to me this month when I realized that while I was still seeing ads (both the push ones and the new tab ads) my BAT balance did not reflect the typical earn rate I had come to know. 


I did the basic things like checking to make sure I was up to date on my Brave Version and checking out Brave's announcements but I did not see anything that reflected what I was seeing. Next, I hopped over to the Brave Community page and saw that while others were posting about this the Brave team was not responding to these and instead were taking care of other issues/questions that were posted about. Since the topic was not being addressed I realized that once again rewards had been slashed which is not the most surprising thing in the world and I knew that there was one way I could check on this assumption. 


Even though Brave is extremely centralized with its BAT distribution system they do offer a ton of ways for people to peel back the curtain and see what is going on in the BAT economy. The biggest of these ways is checking Brave's transparency page ( where they publish a ton of stats about both the browser itself and also BAT. This is where I was able to see the big change that really answered the question about the rewards change. Brave had finally bought more BAT to redistribute. 


Brave has already issued over 99.3% of all of the BAT to be issued. This was done to give the token value and create a system that based on the ad revenue that is generated controls the amount and thus the price of BAT being bought back. Historically Brave has bought BAT either every month or every other month however in June they stopped and did not buy any until November 1st when they finally bought back 1.4 million BAT. Considering they bought between 1 million and 1.6 million BAT a month before June even though they did buy BAT they did not buy the amount that one would have expected. Hence the ad revenue is likely down considerably leading to these decreased buybacks and BAT ads being worth less. 


Recent news though has hinted that companies are starting to invest more money into advertising though which could mean that Brave will start receiving more again and thus have more to be distributed. Of course the price of BAT is also going to continue to play a factor in the amount of BAT bought back but given how the price has been pretty stable between $0.20 and $0.22 Brave can seemingly factor this into the future distributions. The last factor worth flagging is the Gemini angle. I am not sure there is an exact number known of BAT that has gotten locked up with the legal issues between Gemini and Genesis but given that Gemini was offering BAT lending any development in these cases could tell us how much longer we are either going to see these locked up for or if they are going to be distributed to account holders soon. 





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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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