BAT Launches "Sage Burn" the Final Phase of the BAT x Adam Ape Brave NFT Collection

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 7 Dec 2023

A little over a year ago Basic Attention Token (BAT) announced its first Solana NFT collection, BAT x Adam Ape for Brave, to expand BATs utility and usage in the NFT marketplaces. This was part of the whole move Brave/BAT made a couple of years ago to transition away from the Ethereum Blockchain, due to the high transaction fees at the time, to a Solana-based chain. Unknown to everyone though was that the transaction costs were going to dramatically fall and everything else that happened to the market from the FTX implosion to the collapse of the NFT market itself. 


In total 3 different NFTs were released as part of this partnership on the Solana chain. Hodlers of the three NFTs can burn their NFTs as part of the "Sage Burn" to receive a Sage BAT x Adam Ape NFT. Only 300 of these NFTs are available so if you happen to be someone who is going to want to participate you will want to do this as soon as you can! With such a low limit there isn't an end to this burn as the team figures that people will likely burn the 300 and that an end time is not needed.


While I am all for developing and deploying new ideas to improve utility I am not sure that this overall will do that much. The reason for this is that these NFTs as they currently are do not give you any additional utility or features. If these NFTs provided Hodlers with the ability to access the paid version of Leo for example for free then it would be something worth looking into but from what I have gathered there isn't anything to do with the NFT except say you have it and that there are only 300 of them. 


Time will tell if they possibly add some utility to these NFTs in the future to try and drive the market or if they pivot away from this idea. What do yall think about this final NFT move? 





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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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