Why you should invest into Space stocks πŸš€

Why you should invest into Space stocks πŸš€

By ChrisTrade | #ChrisTrade | 29 Aug 2021

Short Intro

While the majority have been focusing on a megatrend - Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain disrupting the financial sector, we are missing out on other Megatrends that will be disrupting our near future.

Megatrends – Investing in the industries of the future that will impact our lives, businesses, and the world.

This is the first of a 4 part series:

1. Space,

2. Robotics & Automation,

3. Augment Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality

4. 3D PrintingΒ 

In this video we start our journey with Space - The U.S. now has 5,582 space-focused companies, almost ten times more than the next country, the UK, which has 615. And there is more than 10,000 total, globally. The United States spends more on space than all other countries combined.

In this episode, I do dive into the trends driving the space industry and stocks to look out for.

Artemis program

Space X Starship

Space ETF's to buy
ARKX - https://ark-funds.com/arkxΒ 

UFO - https://procureetfs.com/ufo/#

Space Stocks to buy

Boeing - https://www.boeing.com/space/

Lockheed Martin - https://www.lockheedmartin.com/

ASTRA - https://astra.com/

Satellite builders stocks to buy
Maxar Technologies - https://www.maxar.com/

SPACS to buy
Redwire - https://redwirespace.com/

Rocket Lab - https://www.rocketlabusa.com/


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