Pleural Effusion Right Side
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Pleural Effusion Right Side

Part of living daily is understanding that some days are going to be extremely hard.

As you know, I had MRI of the Cervical spine. No lesions or abnormal signals in this section. MS is ruled out. 

The Radiologist though found a right Pleural Effusion.

I called my Pulmonologist and see him this afternoon.

The issue is that on the 7th of February I had already finished the antibiotics for the small cell pneumonia.

The Pleural Effusion can be caused by many things. 

Too much liquid between my lung and chest cavity.

I often wondered what would be my end?

I watch in silence as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs braggs about how great the VBA is. I have determined that for many veterans the VBA has not failed them.

These veterans get all the need and deserve.

Yet, a small portion of veterans like me don't get that.

May I remind you that VA said, " You are healthy and we have no immediate concerns."

I would never expect a doctor or any doctor to say that to me in writing.

Oddly enough no response from Robert Wilkie, White House on:

1. Healthcare costs from 9/5/2019 to 01/23/2020 from terminated care by Dr. RAJAGOPALAN of the Orlando VAMC.

2. Money spent for a Compensation and Pension exam test that was billed to insurance and I had to pay the copay.

I am so tired and worn....

Maybe they will listen, maybe they won't... I still have my speech.





So much to tell. I love reading, researching. I have 3 daughters and 2 pups that are so very sweet. I am married now almost 15 years. I enjoy my pool and yard work.

Christina D. Thundathil
Christina D. Thundathil

Want to write about War, Politics and Veterans. I don't like an "unjust" weight or balance. You don't have to like me or love me but you will get the point sooner or later.

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