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A smartphone is a rented space for temporal storage of properties, and if eventualities stroke (forceful or voluntary termination of tenancy), there is need to move  your valuables to a new location.


A lot have been said about ways, and the importance of safekeeping passwords, passphrases and private keys in cryptosphere, but lately I found out how useful things as common as browsing histories, bookmarks, notes, galleries etc. can equally be. Why, because crypto is highly multitasking, which tosses our stuffs every here and there within our smartphones, 'our digital right hand friend'.

The emergency Topic

Few days before I eventually got inspired to write this post, my phone developed overheating issue, though I couldn't have blamed the innocent device for the unusual temperature, because my fingers were busy then 'wrestling its screen too often'^^. But little did I realized that the heating thing  meant a warning for evacuation by the poor phone, saying; 'master I wouldn't like to eat your files, though you've made them too crunchy (vulnerable), please do the needful while you still can'. How I knew this, few days later my tab slept and haven't woken up ever since. Well, thank God I had my phrases written down, but yet, losing such magnitude of data is worrisome especially when it involves some articles main for platforms like this.

• My smartphone lesson thereafter

As usual with a crypto newbie, this led me to some Presearch because I wouldn't like to face such inconvenience ever again, no, not now am involved in crypto with lots of data to take care of. So In my quest for a better means of file backup I discovered an interesting feature of my Android device, "Google workspace", which I've been neglecting over my years of mobile phone usage, but recently have proven a great tool for file management across my android devices.  

Since there's love in sharing, this is me trying to let someone understand the fact that 'a smartphone is a rented space for temporal storage of properties , and if eventualities stroke (forceful or voluntary termination of tenancy), there is need to move your valuables to a new location..' But are your valuables (files) locomotive enough? Endeavor to find out.

• Google Services, what is it?

While It isn't (jamais vu) to most Android users, some may be familiar but not used to it (just a reminder of its importance). Google workspace offers a wide range of services to help Android users manage and seamlessly retrieve files during lose or switch of devices (I didn't take that serious until lately). Though it has a premium for users seeking extra storage space, but offers limited amount of space for free as a basic.

Google workspace have different types of Apps for backing up all kinds of files, most interestingly, it prompts users periodically for manual backups upon detecting new files on their phones (so you don't have to remember, it does it for you). And one good thing is that it take just an email account to control all your backups across its various Apps, so your files are all secured in one place.

• How it works.

Some Google Apps comes by default (pre-installed) while others can be downloaded from Playstore based on one's needs. I can't typically mention all the features there is to it in one post, neither does everyone needs a handful of its Apps to enjoy its services, but all that matters is to find the ones suitable for one's needs. Nevertheless, below are some of the Google Apps presently meeting my backup needs:

1. Google Drive
Help me backup all kinds of document files.

Keep Notes
3. Keep note (very useful for writers)
As a writer inspiration can come knocking anytime anywhere, and this App is a number one stop place for me because it saves notes automatically as you type. This is contrast to the note app I was having before, which required me to manually backup my notes into a zip folder, which can still be lost if not moved to an email.

3. Photos
One interesting thing about this one is its ability to detect and notify you of new pictures on your gallery, whether or not your backup is on.

4. Google contact
This one is commonly used of all the Google Apps for the purpose of saving and syncing one's phone-book to Google account.

There are more Google Apps available on Playstore for seamless Android experiences, especially in the area of file management. what do you think about Google workspace, which of its App(s) do you have on your phone and how are they working for you. Have you ever lost files to phone damage before? Please share your experience in the comment box.

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