By KadilaK81 | Chris Kinley | 22 Jan 2021

  If you were one of the many investors that were holding XRP on December 21st and are receiving the Spark (FLR) Airdrop, you may be surprised to find out you will also be receiving another airdrop as well!!! But there's a catch.....

    Everyone that is receiving the Spark token for holding XRP will have to hold there Spark tokens for 1 month after the airdrop is complete, Flare finance said they would be distributing the Spark Tokens sometime in the second quarter of 2021, If you choose to hold them for a month after receiving them there will be a second snapshot of your (FLR) wallets and they will be airdropping the daoFlare token to those wallets.

  •   You would then trade the DaoFlare tokens for the YieldFlare tokens on the Flare network Wich you can use to trade, get into defi yielding as well as buy and sell. So the catch is you must hold your spark tokens for a month but in my opinion it will be well worth it!! Good luck!!

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Crypto Investor, day trader, blogger.

Chris Kinley
Chris Kinley

Hello! I am new to the cryptocurrency world, I began with my first investment into crypto assets in the beginning of September 2020. I am excited and enthusiastic toward the potential that Cryptocurrency has and the impact it will have on the way we use currency on a global level. Please join me on my journey into the Cryptocurrency world!!

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