Darkest Dungeon... Why Have Fun When You Can Scream In Frustration

By Sinnerman | Chill Gaming | 22 Apr 2021

What Type Of Game Is It?

The type that will make you want to gouge your eyes out with a rusty fork.
And it also qualifies as a roguelike turn-based RPG.

What's It About?

Misery really. 
You inherited an estate from a mysterious ancestor who went excavating tunnels and dungeons in search for God knows what. As is tradition, he ends up awakening monsters and demons and you have to dispatch a group of 4 adventurers to clean up that mess.


  • You're introduced to your estate and its different parts:
    1- The Stage Coach where you can recruit adventurers destined to die (unless you're a really good player)
    2- The Blacksmith where you can upgrade your gear
    3- The Guild where you can upgrade each character's abilities
    4- The Nomad Wagon where you can buy overpriced trinkets for character bonuses +/- penalties (because what's more fun than handicapping a player)
    5- The Survivalist who can teach you different camping skills (more on that later, don't get too excited)
    6- The stress relievers: several places can reduce each character's stress levels; these include the tavern (an excuse for alcoholism), the abbey (whip yourself to relieve yourself...), and the brothel (get rid of the stress in exchange for fun diseases)

  •  Simply put, you recruit adventures and take 4 of them to a dungeon.

  • Several classes of heroes exist: 
    1- Abomination: Great DPS and support character IF you learn how to play him properly
    2- Antiquarian: Great for her looting buffs
    3- Arbalest: High critical rate compensates for low DPS, surprisingly high HP
    4- Bounty Hunter: flexible DPS character, can work with any character
    5- Crusader: Can be anything, fits in every team
    6- Grave Robber: Meh abilities, only useful with certain characters
    7- Hellion: Probably the best frontliner, can reach annoying enemies in the back
    8- Highwayman: Good DPS, quirky character, able to cancel the dreaded stress
    9- Houndmaster: I'm a sucker for hunter characters but his DPS is not as impressive as one might think, still fun to play
    10- Jester: Good for support and stress recovery
    11- Leper: High DPS, high health, high risk
    12- Man-at-Arms: Essentially a filler when you're down a character, is all around decent
    13- Musketeer: Fun character to play, however underwhelming in DPS and abilities
    14- Occultist: Great support abilities, adequate healer, above average damage
    15- Plague Doctor: Stun abilities are very important to control enemies in this game
    16- Vestal: Purely a healer, worthless for any other purpose

  • Before you embark on your expedition, you can buy torches (darkness attracts stronger enemies and produces stress), food (long expeditions require food), and other supplies such as shovels to clear obstacles
  • Each expedition is divided into rooms, you walk through a room either encountering enemies or traps or go through linking hallways
  • Along your expedition you will encounter traps, obstacles, and objects that might have useful loot or just stressful items
  • During long expeditions, you can choose to camp which allows you to use your characters' special camping skills which range from healing, to stress relief, to buffs
  •  Stress is a major part of this game, enemies can increase a character's stress levels. Damage can also do that. Dying is also a great way to make your whole party stress out. After a character reaches a certain threshold for stress, he'll either gain a bonus (by overcoming the stress) or gain a negative trait (most of the time in my experience). You can use the above mentioned places to relieve stress, however your character becomes indisposed for the next expedition. Additionally, each place has a limited spot for characters which can be upgraded with gold later on. But one frustrating part is that one of these places is always occupied by a priest (yes even the whore house) which prevents you from helping your always stressed party. 
    And this brings me to my major gripe with the game. The DAMN STRESS LEVELS ARE ALWAYS HIGH. Seriously, the simplest of things stress each character out which can make them as useless as a vegetable

  • Along the way, you will hear a narrator describing events as they happen and is one of the better parts of this game
  • After each expedition, your characters will gain XP points and will gain either positive or negative perks which can be made permanent or removed with the use of the town's Sanitarium

Is It Fun?

Well if you live a very relaxed and easy life, and wish to experience mental torture then sure this game will be fun for you.
To be frank, if you enjoy a challenge and have the patience this game could be your game of the year.
But, if like me, you're busy and just want to enjoy an hour or two of playing, then you might wanna steer away from this game.


Artistic style graphics, dark and goth-y. Depends on your taste but objectively good.


The minimal requirements to run this game are:

OS: Windows XP
VIDEO CARD: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant

Basically you can run it on a potato


This game is NOT for the casual gamer. Play this only if you're patient and enjoy challenging yourself. You'll have to master each character's strengths and weaknesses and switch up your playstyle depending on the dungeon you're heading into.


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