My Latest Advancement in Terracore - Update 2023-07-23


My latest update

A challenging week where I have less time on my plate to write articles as I would like. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the things that produce the most.

At least I keep my challenge of not putting more money into this game and only trying to upgrade my character with what I receive. I need to battle and claim my precious scrap multiple times a day.

You cannot sleep without expecting magically your character will get in good shape. Actions make an enormous difference in your success at Terracore.

What I am working on

I work on my defense because other players rob me often. As you can see, my success rate is 32.67% to 67.33%


This week I upgraded my defense to 70.000 and now working hard to get it to 80.000. It is not an easy ride because, for this level, I need to have 49 scrap!

I might upgrade it in two days, just need to have 14 more scrap and this will become a reality. With this strategy, I might keep more of my precious scrap from stealing hopefully.


My current stats

I have applied a new strategy where I can upgrade my favor and stash size at the same speed. I keep 50% of the income for upgrading my engineering, damage, and defense.

The rest I divide by two, so I put 25% in favor, and 25% to grow my stash size. This has the effect of increasing my crit chance, dodge, and luck.

Dodge and defense are so critical to protect your precious scrap.

My current stats:

  • Favor: 30.727
  • Engineering: 6.000
  • Damage: 60.000
  • Defense: 70.000
  • Stash size: 214.095


Where I will keep my focus for next week

I work hard to boost my defense to 80.000 before focusing on upgrading my engineering to 7.000. As you can see, I make slow and steady progress and this is the way I like to play a game.

As well as not putting any more money into this game. A personal challenge that I want to prove is possible to have success in a crypto play-to-earn game.

The scrap price is in decline

The more scrap I stake on my stash size, the lower my account value each week. As I write this blog post in Terracore, my account value is barely $1.64.


I love to see a progression, but is it not the case! My focus is to build a good foundation, then hopefully I could get more scrap by hours.

I have already 213.095 scrap staked!

Each week in the last 3 weeks the value increased but the scrap value declined!

Why this happen?

Because people sell more scrap than buyers available for having a good equilibrium. As well, burning and staking it is not sustainable with the Terracore economy.

I believe we might see this trend to keep going. At least I expect nothing from this game where I cannot pay my bills with the income generated from this game!


Have a beautiful and blossoming day!

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