Check out Papillon, the multi-function token of the future!

By Bruno Invernizzi | Work | 7 Jun 2021

Nowadays it's hard to find cryptocurrencies with a purpose, right? Like everyone wants to just make a cheap token, make some money off pumps and dumps, and then abandon the project 2 months after its release, leaving all holders with a 100% loss because of some short-term-minded developers.

Searching for something different? Let me introduce you to Papillon; a token that has projects in its future, a roadmap full of objectives, and a currency with a steady growth thanks to its developing ecosystem of products and services, which gives this cryptocurrency a reason to exist and something to base its value on, instead of just being an unstable coin depending only on people's hype.


This token features things like PapiScan, a chart service made for you to be able to visualize all your favorite exchanges in just one place, which gives you the possibility of being aware of the whole market, without having to switch between tabs. This service is online already and you can check it out here!

If you wanna see all the projects Papillion has, like PapiSwap, Custom tokens for holders, or its burn and distribution rates, you can go to its website or check out their whitepaper.


Now, we are gonna teach you how to hop on board and buy some Papillion for yourself, so you can become part of this amazing journey:

The first thing you need is some ETH in your MetaMask wallet to pay for the Papillions and gas fees, you can learn how to buy here, once you have that, go to UniSwap and click on "Connect to a Wallet". For the Wallet to successfully connect you will have to enter the site from the MetaMask app's explorer or having the MetaMask extension installed in your browser if you are in PC.


After you have done that, click on "Select a token", then, in the text box, paste the Papillon's contract address, which is this: 0x86eb604fc4fb3f8a6154f4ae25e43c4881dd51af. Select "PAPI". Then you will have to select the amount of Papi you want to buy, after you have done that click on "buy" and you are done. You will be charged gas fees in ETH.


As you can see, with Papillon it's as easy to buy as it is to make amazing profits. Don't miss the chance of becoming part of this amazing project that is being developed.

That was all for today. If you wanna learn how to buy but in Trustwallet, click here. If have any extra question, you can go to Papillion's Discord or Telegram. Also, don't forget to check out its chart!

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