By charlesfuchs | charlesfuchs | 20 Oct 2019

This just arrived, my MCO "Crypto" Visa Credit Card! Do you get yours yet? If you didn't, it's time to get one now! 💁‍♂️

I've waited for years for a company that can "do it right" and to my surprise, Crypto.com just did that.

The card is currently FREE but if you want to upgrade with tons of benefits like I did, there are better options. 👑

I went with the Ruby Version Visa Card because the whole card is made of METAL! To get this card, one must stake 50 MCO Tokens for 6 months. 📅

By doing this option, I will receive 2% cash back on all purchases and get a Free Spotify ($10 Value) every month paid in crypto!

I love free music! 🤑 ... and that's not the best thing they will offer.

They will you pay huge percentage rates on all crypto you hold with them! Anywhere from 2%-18% per year on cryptos you lock up!

It's Freaking nuts... 😜

For Example, If I lock my USD on the Crypto.com phone app for 3 months, they are paying out 10% interest rates! So if you hold 100k USD, you can make $10,000 Cash every year. WTF! 🙋‍♂️

This is one of the best things I've ever seen in the Crypto Space... Spend crypto anywhere with the Visa Debit Card, Get paid in huge interest holding crypto and trade crypto instantly.

Get Your Free MCO Crypto Visa Card Right Here and we both get $50. Must use Ref code is: ( mqanqykcym ) *Must stake 50 MCO to get the free $50.




For those who decided to use my referral link and Stake at least 50 MCO, I have a special offer for you.

If you do this, I will follow your account and start upvoting your "good content" for a year. Only quality content will be upvoted from 5% - 100% depending on your post. 😜😉

Yeah, this is a small bribe but I'm trying to get as much people earning and using crypto in the next few years as I believe crypto is the future.

I will only accept a few dozen people so better act fast and get your card right now. The cost is over $100 to Stake 50 MCO Tokens but you will get it back in 6 months.

If it's too much for ya, no worries. You can get the Free Version but you will lose all the benefits and much lower interest rates on cryptos you hold with them.

So there you have it, another great project!

Get Your Free MCO Crypto Visa Card Here and we both get $50. Must use Ref code is: ( mqanqykcym ) *Must stake 50 MCO to get the free $50.

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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  • Crypto.com: Get Your Free MCO Crypto Visa Credit Card Now and we both get $50. Also earn up to 18% on all your crypto with the MCO Earn program! Must use Ref code is: ( mqanqykcym )

  • Celsius Network: Earn up to 10% interest on all your crypto and you can instantly borrow against it. Celsius Network shares up to 80% of its revenues with the Celsius community in the form of weekly interest payments.

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