The Rats of Loneliness (A Weird Fictional Play)

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 17 May 2022


The Rats of Loneliness, a weird fictional play

(Short story in play/script form)

Written on 5/16/2022

By: Charles Aldux

From 7-10PM CDT(CST)

1574 words

4 Scenes

Fictional Setting: Euro-USA 1924


  1. Nathaniel - An adult who’s only living family member is his hermit uncle. His Uncle’s name is Thomas or Tom.
  2. Uncle Thomas - An eccentric hermit who suffers from an extreme amount of loneliness
  3. Ja’alin - The girlfriend of Nathaniel.
  4. A Shaking Voice - None other than Nyarlathotep himself.
  5. (?) Uncle Thomas - Or is it?


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Scene 1 - A Visit To Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Thomas: “The accursed vermin were wiped clean, or so I thought.”


Nathaniel: “What?”

*Uncle Thomas glared at Nathaniel sternly.*


Uncle Thomas: “Don’t tell me you are not aware of their existence.”


*Nathaniel looked rather confused at his uncle’s statements.*

Nathaniel: “Whatever are you talking about Uncle?!”


Uncle Thomas: “Don’t play me boy! The rats! They’re all around! Don’t you see them?”


*This gave Nathaniel goosebumps.”


Nathaniel: “Have you gone mad-”


Uncle Thomas: “Nay, mad? Me? Don’t ever call me mad, for it isn’t I who is mad!”


*Nathaniel backed away in dismay and horror.*


Uncle Thomas: “Why are you afraid yet claim to not see the rats?! Do you play me for a mere fool?”


Nathaniel: “Uncle, how can I see what is not there?!”


Uncle Thomas: “They’re around us all and yet you claim ablepsia?!”


Nathaniel: “Calm it Uncle! And I am not blind. I only find you to be confusing is all.”


Uncle Thomas: “How is it confusing? I see them everywhere. I hear them and feel them everywhere. But how can you find what I don’t find to be recondite?”


*Nathaniel paused in trepidation.*


Uncle Thomas: “I don’t know how you can live your life in the state of Ablepsia, my dear Nathaniel.”


Nathaniel:  “Have you seen a doctor Uncle?”


Uncle Thomas: “I don’t need to see a bloody doctor, Nathaniel!. I need an exterminator! I need someone to exterminate what cannot be seen by the likes of you, my precious nephew.


*Nathaniel was saddened by what nearly twenty-four years of solitary loneliness (after Nathaniel’s mother had passed) had bought his uncle. He had hoped it would not be too late to accompany him before his inner demons had come out.*


Nathaniel: “I had hoped it would not have been too late to be with you Uncle Thomas. However, it seems your loneliness has taken a toll on you.”


Uncle Thomas: “You foolish child, I wish I could say that it was mere loneliness so that it could do that to me but I can see all too many of them!”


*Uncle Thomas pauses and walks around the room carefully.*


Uncle Thomas: “Even the floorboards comfort me in the most heinous sort of fashion. It is as if the house here is alive in a murine vile.”

Scene 2- Leaving Uncle Tom’s Cabin

*Nathaniel is in shock as he notices that his uncle’s head is involuntarily nodding up and down while staring at the unmoving walls.*


Nathaniel: “Uncle?”


Uncle Thomas: “Run… Run! Run whilst you can, boy! Before the murine vile gets in your head. Before it gets in your head!”


*Nathaniel cried as he left his Uncle’s Cabin. And just as he looks behind him he notices his eyes turn a murine red. The exact same red as the color of a rat’s eyes.*


Uncle Thomas: “You accursed rats! I thought I gave you as you wanted?!”


*The walls and floors quivered as if an opening to a gory bleeding voidal mouth*


A Shaking Voice: “You have wanted company for some time that the rats could not grant you. You have betrayed them when it was not asked for. And now you have invoked a mania in your nephew. Now he may suffer a similar loneliness as well. As you have now reached the end of your loneliness.”


A Shaking Voice: “You have relieved what you have almost always had, yet now we must return what you had once borrowed from us… The rats…”


*The shaking voice created a deafening screech that left Thomas in pure abiotrophy. He could not move at all. He was in a state of extreme trepidation as he was unable to shift neither a muscle nor his fate.”


Uncle Thomas: “Of all fears including chronomentrophobia and others I have had this is by far the worst. And I can feel you all too near. Pulsing through my skull. Now I’m edging to a null. Why are you here, you rats? You deliverers of automusophobia**! Damn you for now I am damned!”

** Author's Note: automusophobia isn't a real word as I had invented it. It's a combination of the two fears: autophobia - the fear of being alone and musophobia - the fear of rats. I believed that it would be interesting to add a combination of the phobias to mean to have the fear of having rats as an only sense of comfort and otherwise being alone. So the fear of being alone with rats.**  

*And after his final words Tom began to hurl and cough up blood as slowly the rats had climbed and tore their way outside of him. You would be surprised by how many of the rats can fit in a human body. Hours it had taken to finally cause his death. As normally it would have been instantly. But it was the curse of being no longer lonely that caused it to drag on so long. The minutes that passed before the hours caused warmness instead of the coldness from the dying man. It was especially warm when the rats began bursting out like bullets through a man’s chest. Slowly they would dissipate, almost making him hate the warming sensation. Blood was splattered and separated amongst the walls, furniture, ceiling and floors of Uncle Thomas’ cabin.*

Scene 3 - Nathaniel’s Diary and Lover

*Meanwhile Nathaniel has been writing what he saw about his uncle as soon as he got home.*


Nathaniel: “This was too crazy not to write down, yet too crazy too believe to be reality, Ja’alin.”


Ja’alin: “I know love, you’ve been writing all night. Do you think he’ll be alright?”


Nathaniel: “I don’t think so. Loneliness is more deadly than any disease and more debilitating than any form of decay as it is in itself a rotting of our brain.”


Ja’alin: “Maybe you should visit him tomorrow morning. But, because of the peculiar things that you’ve told me, maybe you should contact the authorities.”


Nathaniel: “That’s probably a good idea. I’m getting sleepy, goodnight love.”


Ja’alin: “Goodnight.”


*Nathaniel was secretly wishing to hear the returning reply of “love”.*

Scene 4 - Closure of Uncle Tom


*It was 6 A.M. and Nathaniel decided to head to his Uncle’s cabin without contacting the authorities. When he arrived he climbed out of his car and could immediately smell rot and decay. When he knocked on the door his uncle had answered.*


(?)Uncle Thomas: “How was the drive? Did it make you feel alive?”


Nathaniel: “Umm… Yes. I guess. An early morning drive really does make one feel alive.”


*Thomas smiled revealing rotten teeth and a tail that was hanging slightly in between a rotting tooth. Before Nathaniel could say a word Uncle Thomas pulled Nathaniel inside almost forcefully with a grip that was unlike the Uncle Thomas Nathaniel had been used to. Nathaniel sat on a freshly cleaned couch which seemed odd to him as his uncle never cleaned the place.”


(?)Uncle Thomas: “Life is quite refreshing isn’t it? Something with livelihood. Opportunistic, but it isn’t really the same when you’re alone.”


Nathaniel: “That’s why I’ve been visiting you lately, so that you’re not lonely.”


(?)Uncle Thomas: “But I’m not, really.”


Nathaniel: “Oh you mean the rats?”


*That made Uncle Thomas hiss loudly in anger”


(?)Uncle Thomas: “What rats?!”


Nathaniel: “You seem to take me for a fool.”


(?)Uncle Thomas: “No, I mean what rats?”


*Nathaniel noticed that this couldn’t be the same Uncle Thomas that he had known.*


Nathaniel: “I need to use the restroom.”


(?)Uncle Thomas: “As you wish. My bathroom is down the hall opposite to the bedroom.”


*Nathaniel nodded in thanks as he noticed his strange emotional swing.*


*As Nathaniel edged towards the bathroom it had seemed to increase in rancidness. He entered the bathroom where it smelled the worst. Nathaniel opened the toilet in the bathroom where it was filled with nothing but human dandruff and skin. He had vomited from the sight after he had also opened the bath curtain and noticed that the bathtub was filled to the brim with blood. Nathaniel fainted from the horrid sights of the bathroom. He woke up later then sadly realized it wasn’t a dream. Dark and depressing thoughts soon rose up about his Uncle.*


Nathaniel:(softly to himself) “What happened to you, Uncle Thomas? And who was that then? You were never that happy. And who has stolen your loneliness?” 

*Nathaniel left the bathroom and went back to the living room to try to find Uncle Thomas. However, instead of finding him he had found his head on the living room floor with tails hanging on the outside where the neck would be and his hands lying coldly on the floor. Nathaniel was shaken coldly with goosebumps as he picked up his lifeless uncle’s head noticing the red murine eyes and dropped it when the squeals of rats could be heard then felt. It was a sensational change in both psyche and body.”


Nathaniel: (whimpers) “Why uncle?! Why? You were my final family member so now I am alone. And now all I can think about, feel, hear and see are the rats!”

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