Emerald Mine Exit Scam Statement

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 10 Sep 2020

As of September 9th 2020, the DeFi project called Emerald Mine (EMD) based on EOS may have committed an exit scam, appropriating over 787,000 USDT, 490,000 EOS and other coins – worth nearly $2.5 million of user funds in total. Part of those funds has been stopped on our exchange thanks to our risk management system.

From the supposedly locked smart contact “emeraldmine1” the funds were sent to an account “sji111111111”. After that, the funds had been sent to various exchange platforms. The sum of 135020 EOS (~ $379049) was marked as suspicious by the ChangeNOW risk management system, retained, and placed in cold storage waiting for official requests from local law enforcement authorities in order to return the funds to their owners.

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