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Best Dogecoin Wallet in 2021

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 1 Aug 2021

Dogecoin was on everyone’s lips through the last several months. This is not just because it’s a memecoin that made it to the cryptocurrencies’ Top-10, but also because of its volatility. However, where there’s risk, there’s opportunity: many consider Dogecoin a convenient trading tool, while others hodl waiting for Doge at $1. ChangeNOW doesn’t give finanсial advise, but we can recommend you the best Dogecoin wallets where you can store and exchange your Doge.

How to choose a Doge wallet?

Consider the following:

  • Where are the private keys stored? There are decentralized wallets where only users own their keys, and centralized ones where the wallet keeps the keys. The first ones are considered more secure, while the second have unique usability features.
  • How are you going to use your crypto? Is it a long-term investment or trading and other active engagement? Different types of wallets fit better for different goals.
  • What are the user reviews? Does a wallet have a good reputation?
  • Security or usability first? Software wallets are more user-friendly and have more features, while hardware ones offer stronger security.
  • Are you ready to pay some money? Software wallets are free, unlike hardware solutions.

Before giving advice on where and how to create a Doge wallet, we will list the options that we wouldn’t recommend. First is the official Dogecoin wallet: people have trouble accessing it and even report money theft, according to multiple reviews. Second is the Dogechain wallet: it syncs slowly with the blockchain and you have to manually update it, so a transaction may get stuck for days just because you didn’t do some extra work. The support team is not active, so there’s even no one out there to help you.

Now, let’s look through some legit Dogecoin wallets.

Guarda Wallet


Guarda Wallet is for those who value usability. Here, you can store assets from 45 blockchains (which are hundreds of tokens). The wallet is available for Android and iOS, for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, and as a Chrome extension. Here, you can swap your Doge in a built-in exchange tool powered by ChangeNOW and buy Dogecoin with a credit card.

Usability doesn’t harm security — Guarda is a decentralized wallet and it doesn’t have access to your private keys, they are stored encrypted on your device. Guarda Wallet is a good option if you want to always have your crypto at hand.



Freewallet is another software wallet that supports dozens of crypto assets. It’s available for Android, iOS, and web. Unlike Guarda, Freewallet is centralized: it stores your private keys. The perks of this are as follows:

  • If you lose access to your wallet, that doesn’t mean you lose access to your funds. Contact support and they will help you see your money again.
  • Free instant transactions between Freewallet users. This is possible since the money goes off-chain and the transaction cannot be publicly displayed on the blockchain.

To protect your funds, Freewallet offers you to use pin-code or fingerprint access, 2FA, and multisig. It stores most of the money in cold storage to ensure it’s inaccessible to hackers. And the Freewallet’s support team is very responsive and quick. Find more info on the wallet and how to create a Dogecoin address here.

Ledger Nano S


If the perks of the centralized wallet didn’t persuade you, consider Ledger. This wallet is well-known for its ultimate security: it stores the private keys offline. No one has ever stolen money from it, and all hack attempts have been denied.

Ledger Nano S is a stylish flash drive that stores your private keys in an encrypted form. You can receive money without it, but to spend it, you’ll need to connect the device to a computer or a phone. Ledger can store 1000 different coins and tokens, including Doge. The wallet costs $59.

We hope this guide helped you choose the best Dogecoin wallet. If you consider buying Doge — you are welcome to visit ChangeNOW and check the rates.

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