NFTs Are Now Available in ChangeNOW's NOW Wallet

NFTs Are Now Available in ChangeNOW's NOW Wallet

ChangeNOW announced that it has added an NFT section to its NOW Wallet. Users can now browse, receive, send, and store their NFT collections seamlessly right from their fingertips.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular last year. Like any other technology, NFTs are far more complex than an elevator pitch could convey. The general idea is, however, that they exist in the blockchain as unique digital properties. Authenticity, identity, ownership history, and selling prices of an NFT are all recorded in a public ledger. NFTs can be created from anything that is one-of-a-kind and can be stored digitally, whether it be photos, videos, or land in the metaverse.

A spokesperson for ChangeNOW, Mike Ermolaev, commented on the launch of the NFT feature:

“Keeping it simple and sticking to crypto innovations are ChangeNOW's hallmarks. This is why we came up with a user-friendly interface for a new technology. Through the addition of NFT support to NOW Wallet, we hope to encourage more people to use cryptocurrencies and learn more about the incredible innovations that exist within the industry." 

Token standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are currently supported, but others will be added soon. NFTs that are stored in ETH wallets will automatically appear in the NFT section of NOW Wallet. You can sort, view, and send NFT collections any way you want – it's simple and easy.

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a limitless crypto exchange and processing service offering fast crypto swaps with no hidden fees. It supports a wide range of assets including over 380 crypto and 55+ fiat currencies. Transactions start at $2, have no upper limit, and take an average of five minutes to complete.

ChangeNOW remains one of the biggest proponents for crypto adoption among mainstream audiences and aims to provide a safe, private, and user-friendly environment as part of a larger string of efforts to push the crypto industry into the future.

Crypto exchange on ChangeNOW is fast, cheap, and transparent; users can swap crypto not only through the ChangeNOW website, but also via ChangeNOW app on iOS and Android mobile devices.


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