Shields Issues Fixed, Media Playback fixes, and More! - BRAVE BETA COMMIT UPDATE

Greetings Devs, Bloggers, and Crypto enthusiasts!

Today, I'll be briefly covering the latest update to Brave Beta for iOS, or commit code 9580050, details several fixes for iOS 15, as detailed below. 


The description itself of the update is a bit vague, in all honesty. But this is why I'm here, of course! Within this commit code snapshot, You can see that it details several fixed for Media Playback to use iOS 15's API. Additionally, there were fixes for the way WebView rendered the shields menu, and Search engine onboarding space. 


For the less tech-savvy, This fix details media playback issues on devices running iOS 15, such as YouTube from the new PiP I detailed a few articles ago. Also, it fixed the layout for Brave's native AdBlock, or it's "shields", and for the small search buttons when you type something into the search bar itself. Looking very nice thusfar!



In finalization, Brave Beta got fixes for iOS 15, and plans on using it's API in the near future.

Larga vida al BAT!
See you in the next article.

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