Buying crypto 101: Top 10 exchanges

By Jane Hero | ChangeHero | 17 Dec 2022

The biggest struggle novice crypto investors are dealing with is buying assets. The trading process is pretty much streamlined to the point of a grandma can do it, but they need a trustworthy place. With this section of the market raising in popularity among investors, many scam exchanges were opened. To avoid them, it is preferable to use only the most prominent ones, as cryptocurrency exchange rates differences are negligible.

Even then, people find it hard to pick just one and start earning money. They are asking how to buy crypto with coinbase wallet, on Binance, etc. instead of sticking to the website with clear instructions. It does not mean that one is better than another in this regard, just pointing out people value different aspects.

The team of professional crypto asset traders offers you a handful of small reviews for the most popular and secure places on the internet. The sites to be discussed:

  • Binance;
  • Coinbase;
  • ChangeHero;
  • Kraken;
  • Kukoin;
  • Bitfinex;
  • Bybit;
  • Gemini;
  • OKX.

It would be a huge waste of time of register and using the website for a couple of months. They have done it already, so any of the novices may skip this part. Just read about these places, about their pros and cons, to find the trading endeavors worth giving a shot.

Top 10 exchanges

The truth about the Binance popularity

The biggest exchange in the field with ten times the volume of assets traded daily ahead of the 2nd place. Its CEO Changpeng Zhao recognized the call from the blockchain community for a place to trade safely and worldwide. The answer was centralization which is counterintuitive to the idea of crypto being decentralized money. It definitely makes the place very convenient yet more regulated than others. If a trader aims for guaranteed profits and lightning-fast transactions, Binance is the choice.

The wallets of Coinbase

This US-based exchange offers better rates than its biggest competitor and has a couple of unique features. One of them is the aforementioned wallet offering you both storing and trading features. Compared to pseudo-wallets, most other exchanges have, this one is much closer to classic cold wallets. That means a user has the multi-word key to it and can use other programs of that kind to access their assets. Its trading component requires online access. Coinbase would be a perfect fit for investors looking for a feature-heavy place inside the US jurisdiction.

High security from Kraken

Kraken is a solid choice for users aiming for the security of the operations and high credibility. The latter is facilitated by the fact one of the most famous finance analytics papers Bloomberg uses its data. Kraken is known for the emphasis put on security and DDoS protection. In 2013 the company stopped the use of Namecoin protocol immediately after the critical vulnerability was made public. Throughout the history of the project actions like this were taken multiple times. Volumes traded daily are not as high as other competitors but aside from that the platform to check out for sure.

Participate at Kucoin tournaments

Kucoin have some similarities to internet casinos, but who said it is bad quality? The operational systems supported by the official application are Windows, iOS, and Android. After the registration process is done, users receive a mystery box worth $500. Inside it, they can find different coins to trade or keep. The trading here is tied to multiple tournaments offering monetary rewards for the winners. Kucoin is here to entertain people during monotonous market operations, and it is doing it with style.

Customize the experience with BitFinex

Another place with lending tools yet unique in the visual department. The website offsets with an easy-to-customize interface. Here you can tailor the trading experience to your needs with a couple of clicks. Change the boxes, menu elements, and color pallet on the go. Time to make an account and call some friends, referral program included.

Be a VIP at Bybit

Bybit is a perfect place for people aiming to trade big and wide. By adding an equivalent of $50000 in blockchain tokens, a user will be granted VIP status. It will not offer any coins as a reward, just some tools helping to take advantage of the market:

  • personal customer service manager;
  • lower transaction and trading fees;
  • exclusive VIP events online and offline.

Bybit is also a convenient site to buy and sell NFTs. You see the rarity of the token, the history of its price, and the trader's record. Minor lending features are here too. Learn about the features with a fresh account.

Free cash from Gemini

One of the unique offers on the market, Gemini has its own credit card with a very lucrative crypto cashback. Use it for offline and online purchases to get up to the 3% back in BTC, ETH and 60+ popular coins. The account is fully integrated into the Gemini trading network and offers the most convenient deposit process of them all. Aside from that the site has all the modern tools for traders and investors on offer. Create an account to interact with them and get $5 in BTC for free.

Modern technologies of OKX

OKX exchange is a fresh project aimed for Web3 investments utilizing modern means of visual presentation. A convenient mobile app and slick web interface is a perfect match for a beginner or veteran trader. Official partnerships with the McLaren F1 team and Manchester City promise a very bright future for the site.

How to find a perfect fit

Many projects with similar tools to choose from yet so different in approach.  A good call would be trying to change cryptocurrency at each of them It does not mean some sizable chunks of the bank account should be sacrificed for it. Instead, just put some time into creating an account, explore all the facilities of the website and look at the deposit and withdrawal options. These simple actions are enough to decide if the place is worth the cooperation. Some companies like Gemini offer newcomers free cash to trade. The crypto craze is far from dying out and today is a day to profit from all the opportunities presented by the market!



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