Starlink Internet Service in Ukraine is in danger

By Yugocean | Champion | 18 Oct 2022

Elon Musk has provided Starlink Internet service at the expense of his company SpaceX to the people of war-torn Ukraine. However, SpaceX has been reconsidering the plan. The main reasons for this are trolling Musk and SpaceX's financial burden.

Humiliating Musk

No one gives assistance without also receiving love and respect. Musk has been the target of threats and disparaging words from Ukrainian supporters ever since he proposed a compromise to end the war. Russian trolls are also taking advantage by showing themselves as pro-Ukraine and abusing Musk. Musk's patience is beginning to wear thin, and the Ukrainian government is doing nothing.

SpaceX's Economic Expenditure

Nothing in this world comes without a cost; and non-payment results in financial loss. SpaceX has already asked the Pentagon to support Starlink operations in Ukraine in order to compensate losses. Musk withdrew the petition from due to the outcry and is now debating starting the contribution option. How long can this go on, though?

EU Consider

In modern times, no work is possible without the internet, not even entertainment. In order to keep the embattled Ukraine from degenerating into utter anarchy, the European Union is now thinking about paying Starlink for its service in Ukraine.


No company can run by incurring financial loss, and no one will cooperate if insulted. The expense must be covered at least in parts, and they must also publicly commend Musk in order to keep his dignity.

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