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Ironic Best of Free Speech

By Yugocean | Champion | 31 Oct 2022

    Disclaimer: The following is based on real contents material , writer do not support or oppose them, its just for information purpose. People are advised to not to bother if they laugh or cry, writer already don't care.

Twitter comes to free speach

     Free speech and it's limit are always in debate, nobody has come into final conclusion. And so Elon Musk, the new twitter chieftain. Twitter is enjoying free speech, and then there is freedom of satire. 

Serious Words like N-word 

The N-word is considered racist and hate speech, so it is not allowed in the social world or in a civilised society. On Twitter, however, people use it even to test the level of free speech and even to complain about it.

More Serious Threats 

DOGE founder Billy is not feeling well with death threats. It is not known if Billy received any from anyone or gave any threats to anybody, but Elon marked an emoji, no words.

Comedy is Set to Free 

Sometimes I too don't know what type of stupid answer is better for a stupid question like this?

Armed with the power of free speech 

Free speech has given people power to say whatever, people are saying whatever, and that too openly. Limit is that, unless they are sued in court, but they are free in Twitter. 

Mock All 

Now, the old way of hate the rich campaign isn't going to work, so people just mock everything.

The No-Limit 

There is no limit on free speech as of yet; Musk still has to make a decision on content moderation, so people must either enjoy or abandon Twitter. It's their choice.

Now Enjoy Some Comedy Without Errors 

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