My Dear Tomorrow

By scorpiongrace | Life Began | 7 Jun 2020


My dear tomorrow,
I found you smiling fiercely fighting alone
Knowing nothing, whom you belong
I started to see somewhere myself in you
Though, I was nothing ever to you

My dear tomorrow,
The day I meant to end, every thoughts of you
But thoughts were the feelings later I knew
The questions you asked, even when you didn't care
You became so special the moment you dare

My dear tomorrow,
You never came to me but, I will always do
Because I can never be smart as you
I learn, I grow everyday for the better tomorrow
Hoping to share together, every joy and sorrow

My dear tomorrow,
Many times you were hurt and even tried to get lost
Because you believed and gave your trust
But now I am hoping to see you more day by day
So my dear tomorrow, please I want you to stay

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Life Began
Life Began

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