ENVOY Network is Now Porting ENV to Binance Smart Chain via ChainPort

By Melusine | ChainPort | 8 Nov 2021

By Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte



  • ENVOY can now benefit from interoperability on Binance Smart Chain by using ChainPort’s fast & secure bridge.
  • PancakeSwap listing will be available for users to trade ENV thanks to ChainPort.
  • ENVOY is passionate about building community-driven NFT products that tap into the fanbase of premium collectibles, artists, and brands.

We are happy to announce that Envoy is now using ChainPort to be able to port its ERC20 native token to the realm of interoperability.

The first blockchain ENV will be available after Ethereum is Binance Smart Chain with a listing on PancakeSwap, the biggest DEX in the space.

With fees on Ethereum skyrocketing, having an alternative token like a BSC version is critical these days, this gives communities the option to choose where they want to buy a specific token, ChainPort was built based on pain points and we’re happy to see Envoy is using our product.

Envoy brings the NFT market to a whole new level by leveraging digital artists, investors, and communities in one single place.

TokensFarm.com will also be in charge of the LP Farms which will be deployed by ENVOY in the next couple of days providing an amazing way for people to stake their ENV and get rewarded while they HODL.

Useful Links:

Port ENV to BSC

Buy on PancakeSwap

BSC Address

Ethereum Address

About ENVOY Network

ENVOY Network is a premium NFT label and platform founded in 2021 by a team of industry experts from global organisations including: Spotify, Smash The House and Activision. The community focussed platform enables fans to purchase and trade unique pieces from their favorite artists and celebrities without needing to be a crypto expert. ENVOY collaborates with renowned talent including: artists, actors, celebrities, influencers, festivals, publishers, e-sports companies and IP owners to create impactful NFT’s.

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About ChainPort

ChainPort is one of the first permissionless bridges between blockchains. Anyone can freely use ChainPort’s highly interactive user interface to port tokens over to different blockchains. Chainport provides a bridge between Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with more blockchains to be added soon.

With so many blockchains in the space right now, interoperability is considered the most important route for the future. ChainPort aims to have fully operable bridges between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot, and Cardano. Any token ported over from various blockchains using ChainPort is fully operable and can interact with any DApps on the Networks.

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