Somebody's Watching You

Somebody's Watching You

By ChadtheBarbarian | chadwarren | 20 Aug 2020   3886f5a4003512573fd15f78a7129f34282224024e5fd6dc629ef3b1bf2d16a7.jpeg You need to know how vulnerable you are to electronic surveillance.  

Do you think you, your home, possessions, family and friends are safer and life is more convenient because you have a smart speaker or door camera? THINK AGAIN!  


The devices pictured above can find and store your passwords, they can turn off your devices and they can jam anything with a radio for as little as $30 and are legally sold on Amazon or can be made easily by a child for cheap.  


My friend out West wanted me to review this story for these reasons so more of us prepare accordingly.   This is the first time I have seen a post by EXTREMESURVIVAL.NET and I'm glad I checked it out.  


John Faulkner is the host of SURVIVAL DISPATCH and Nicky is the guest. Their goal here is to remind preppers that tech is just as important as how to start a fire with a stick.  


My friend texted me a screenshot so I searched for the title to the video, "little known electronics survival dispatch" using Duck Duck Go because they give me Google search results without giving Google my private info to use against me by the Luciferian cabal.  


The YouTube video came up as the top result. I tried to watch it but communist Google tried to run some BS security checkpoint on me asking me to prove I wasn't a robot; so I proved I am not by finding another way to get what I want without complying with their gestapo tactics.   It may have occurred because I use Nord VPN to protect myself from Satan online but this interference is unusual. You should use a quality VPN like Nord.


Here, I'll share that opportunity and ask you to sign up here before reading further so you are better protected here in this virtual jungle from predators.   The third paragraph above explains generally what these devices do but go here to watch the source video which is 17:16 long.  


Also, they appear to be a preparedness paradise where they teach you how to assess your strengths and weaknesses in your personal defense plan.   They also offer a membership and I see they promote Survival Life products. This tells me they have figured out how to market effectively so use them as an example in this regard.   Their site and content is dramatic, reason based and concise as well as easy to navigate because it's phone formatted and info is presented so you only see what is most important on your screen and the rest is available elsewhere which helps you focus.  


  • I will learn how to make one of these devices.

I enjoyed taking my son to Cub Scout camping events. One activity available was learning about tech. We got to use arduino circuit boards and raspberry pi computers to make an LED board act like a monitor displaying pictures we programmed. So, making a device like this will help defend against hackers and help my son and I bond through a project.  

  • I will go directly to websites instead of going to YouTube. 

This way I support other content creators while telling evil Google to go fly a kite; also, by playing the video within the blog post I don't have to show my ID.    FEEDBACK: What questions or comments do you have? Please share them at this post.    What should I blog about next?    How can we explore this further offline?    If you are reading this, I want to co-operate with you because just by reading this you have demonstrated that you are more caring, willing and able than most to learn how to live better and help others likewise.   


So, please like, comment and share so we can defend humanity against Babylonian techno tyranny before its too late and Skynet destroys us all.             

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My goal is to encourage myself and others to go back to the original design of the internet where we use our own webpages and email vs social media. To decentralize authority and to change our behavior so that we act more based on our interest as opposed to accepting a life reduced to virtually entertaining ourselves to death.

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