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Defender of Natural Humanity DOB 3/20/76 Residence North Little Rock, Arkansas Goal: to form a mutual aid society for truthseekers Likes: yo-yos, vlogging, Tastedive, anything outdoors, singing, slingshots, growing plants, making furniture from pallets..

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Podcast Review - the Dark Path book club

3 Oct 2020 15 minute read 2 comments ChadtheBarbarian

  Isaac Weishaupt has a podcast titled Conspiracies and Unpopular Culture - In an earlier number of episodes he interviewed Professor Benjamin Teitelbaum who wrote, _War for Eternity_ about Steve Bannon, who was Trump's...

Between Heaven's gate and the Lion's Gate.

14 Sep 2020 4 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

  This is a review of the documentary, _Final Cut: The Making & Unmaking of Heaven’s Gate_ – But more than that, its a landmark I’m using to recruit others to my cause. It is important to me...

You were made for more!

10 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

  Are you looking for #improvement in these areas?   * improving your metabolism (melting fat)   * a natural form of ketones your body produces   * Potential anti-aging benefits   * more energy *improved mental clarity * enhanced mood   *better slee...

Inspiration - a guy sells everything & moves to the Phillipines

5 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

    Watch the video:   He ended up in the Philippines because of near death by a thousand paper cuts.   He was married but just content not sad or happy.   He met his wife when they both were working on a cruise ship.   ...

Are you suspicious when you see an old white guy with a pretty Philipina??

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

    Watch this video and see what you think.   Do you have any experience dating women from the Philippines? Please share your experience.   Also, share what you think about city vs. country women based on your dati...

Thomas Sheridan is a winner.

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

    I am a Christian and I'm thankful for Thomas Sheridan who is a pagan for sharing his celebration of life he uses to defend against all the evil, ignorance and fear that is thrown against us daily.   The following is my response after listening t...

Join the Referral Raiders to swap offers.

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

I'm looking for people that will help each other out instead of wasting their time yapping on social media. Will you complete offers I share and do the same for me? If so, then join my telegram group so we can get things done and have lots of fun. R...

Somebody's Watching You

20 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian   You need to know how vulnerable you are to electronic surveillance.   Do you think you, your home, possessions, family and friends are safer and life is more convenient because you h...

The end of coal mining towns signals the end of humanity.

29 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

The following is my response to the video shared above.   I appreciate this look at what is left of a coal town in Appalachia and its fine people.     Its a practice of looking at what we don't want to because its depressing.     My analysis of t...

The Ninth Configuration movie review

28 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ChadtheBarbarian

  Rating 4.5/5 Ever feel crazy?  Imagine being so angry you could murder someone in a horrible way? Think of the trauma that soldiers experience in war. Have you ever cursed God for all the drama we are put through? What if you could use psychology...


Podcast Review - the Dark Path book club

3 Oct 2020 ChadtheBarbarian

03 October 2020
Bullshit! 😀 I reminded Christians that they are in a cult too so that they shouldn't look down on Luciferians or people who value the occult. But it does tick me off that people think Trump is Christian when he so obviously is not by what he says not by what I say. The left wants to control and censor the language you use but as an intellectual conservative I just want us to agree with what the freaking words mean. I did say that I don't like people buying into Masonic Luciferian pro wrestling that becomes our news and geopolitics designed to divide and conquer We the People. I'm calling for people to cooperate regardless of their identity label versus the majority of people who are becoming polarized and want to tear each other down without thinking that this is probably not going to work out too well for any of us. But other than that angst I have for the Trump supporters taking over the truth movement which was already messed up to begin with I'm really calling for cooperation and more importantly I am seeking for people to be aware of what they are getting into when they follow whatever new story that they do. I'm saying that religion or how any idea is co-opted by those with a negative ulterior motive is the problem and it doesn't matter if you're talking about Christianity or paganism or science or atheism Etc. If you have something specific that you can quote from what I said that you have an issue with as well as supply what you think the solution is I think that would be a lot more helpful for all of us than just worthless s*** talk. Genuinely, I thank you for your comment because the only way we're going to move forward is if we understand each other and cooperate if possible. I just got pissed at what you said because I'm very open minded and I'm very critical of myself and Christianity which is my faith and I've been obsessed with studying the occult and conspiracy theory forever which is what I've shown in this post.

Le petit vélo - Building the set

5 Sep 2020 Ykretz

05 September 2020
Wow, that is exciting that you are working on a film. I enjoyed being hired as a production assistant by a friend who made a satirical indy film: My hope is that we use self publication tools to create a viable alternative culture that replaces corporate consumer slavery. Like, shouldn't all the people unhappy with the new Star Wars films share their own ideas and funding to make their dream space opera instead?

Why Consent Matters In Brave & BAT

26 Aug 2020 littleboy

26 August 2020
That info strengthens my perception that Brave has considered the legal risk when designing its ad revenue model. Do you know anything about how ads are paired with users? I haven't been too impressed so far compared to how I only occassionally notice Facebook ads and I actually appreciate them. One told me about a local movie theater showing classic movies for only $5.50, for example. The possibility to help us better allign our behavior with our intent using our data intrigues instead of how its largely used to take advantage of us currently.

How Brave raised my Hive account

24 Aug 2020 Ykretz

24 August 2020
Thanks for comparing Hive and Brave based on your experience. I will list questions I had in reaction to your post. "... the steem hard fork." - Steem is a similar blog with crypto incentives, as far as I know. A fork is when one creates a variation of open source software on Github. I assume you earned money by voting which perhaps is based on how that community values your vote based on contributions. It appears you value Brave's reward system equally with that Of Hive despite the difference of voting power vs shares of ad revenue. That touches on a general question - what is the best strategy to get the most from different but similar tools like social media blogging platforms? You chose to exchange your BAT earned from Brave Rewards for ETH to take advantage of an increase in that crypto's value. When you say you didn't pay anything for your credits I assume you mean you gained them via incentives vs exchanging government currency for them. You exchanged BAT & ETH for HIVE because you value your increased voting power @ that site. I don't know what the term, "proof of stake" means. I will accept the Hive referral offer, thanks.

New Video Series- Crypto Whiteboard 101

23 Aug 2020 The Part Time Economist

24 August 2020
I understood what was presented. My experience here at Publish0x is the first time I have acquired crypto. What I am looking for is help maximizing what I can earn via that method which is probably more about how to create and promote a blog that others value as well as building a relationship with others by taking the time to view and comment on their blogs. I did obtain a Blockcard via a Brave ad so I can use a debit card to spend crypto. What places accept crypto? How can I encourage merchants to accept crypto payments? Is the goal to replace national currencies with crypto or to use both? I hear people have lost crypto due to fraud - what should I look out for? Why are there so many versions of crypto? Is the fundamental reason for crypto that people are developing more faith in computers than humans to operate a fair reliable system? Is that essentially the same as fiat money in that the value is in the perception of the user? Does crypto connect with a movement to replace banks and governments with tech? If so, why would tech be less prone to corruption? In general, I appreciate this succinct definition video about crypto. I think one of the biggest problems of the internet is too much information. I would like to see A. I. help us view the info landscape based on our custom wants and needs.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) - My #1 Bet & Why

20 Aug 2020 Thomas Wolf

21 August 2020
Yes, it is frustrating. I have always noticed that it's hard for people who are more familiar with tech to be understood by others who are less so. Our minds work differently. One person seems to absorb whatever the program is while another has to analyze the new terms before they are adopted. This frustrates techies because they didn't have to think too hard to absorb the concepts to begin with so they don't understand how to help the others. Just the fact that your post uses short headlines that link to other posts is a good way to communicate since we all have too much information to process. If one wants to dig in deeper than the gist they can at their discretion. A goal could be to tailor information to the audience based on their learning style based on their data similar to how we pages can be switched from a desktop to mobile viewing mode. Just because you used the BAT logo, which I recognized and said it was your #1 bet that attracted me as a way of cutting through confusing jargon from my point of view. Thanks again.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) - My #1 Bet & Why

20 Aug 2020 Thomas Wolf

21 August 2020
I appreciate this post because as a newcomer to acquiring crypto by using Publish0x, I knew that BAT is connected to the Brave browser but I didn't understand it. I had forgotten that I can tip content creators with it outside Publish0x and that I can earn tips likewise. Thanks for making your post concise and valuable to a novice in crypto like me.

The Power of the Meme 2.0

20 Aug 2020 Captain Fin

20 August 2020
Wow! A crypto token based on memes? I'm interested and will see if I can understand #DDTG better by scoping his Twitter, thanks.

Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

16 Aug 2020 banano

18 August 2020

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Le petit vélo - Building the set

5 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Ykretz

Hi Publish0x ! Two days ago a wrote This post about my work on the shooting or our short movie. Yesterday my job was totally different. While the first time I was under the sun which was burning my skin, here I was in a studio, trying to build the se...

Why Consent Matters In Brave & BAT

26 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments littleboy

Brave Browser and all other Brave Inc associated products require the consent of their users before ads or other sponsored content is shown to them. Many Brave community members may see this as a positive step towards data protection and privacy. How...

How Brave raised my Hive account

24 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Ykretz

Hello, today I'll show you how I past from *Red fish* to *Minnow* on blockchain Hive thanks to brave. I'm on Hive since a month after the steem hard fork. From this day my account value was around $50. My vote value was between $0.001 and $0.002 at 1...

New Video Series- Crypto Whiteboard 101

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

Those of you who have followed my writing for any length of time know that I tend to be very long-winded sometimes. Although I do like writing longer, more in depth articles, I wanted to change things up a little bit and create some shorter, more con...

The Power of the Meme 2.0

20 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Captain Fin

One of the strongest use cases for memes is most evident in the crypto-verse and provides for some seriously entertaining commentary about the state of the ecosystem and contemporary culture. From funny to not so funny, they are indeed a graphic rep...

Basic Attention Token (BAT) - My #1 Bet & Why

20 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Basic Attention Token (BAT) arguably has the strongest following of any cryptocurrency created in the last three years since its launch in 2017.I would call it third only to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), regardless of what the numbers say at this...

Your Daily M.O. with Brave Browser

19 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments BryRi

When you chat with your friends and peers, how do you describe your day when you are navigating all things in the crypto-sphere?  I'm betting everyone has a slightly different story. Here's one line of thought about a potential -  Your Daily M.O. wit...

Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

16 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments banano

BananoJobs is THE place where everyone can create or complete bounties or microtasks: Earn BANANO for completing small tasks (called BananoJobs), orPay BANANO to others to get things done. Everyone can use BananoJobs to complete or create bounties. B...

Peter Schiff Attacks Bitcoin as Silver Rallies to Six Year High

23 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

⏰ 4 MINUTE BITCOIN SHOW #604 Peter Schiff commented that silver is the new Bitcoin, except with direct utility, adding that Bitcoiners are dreaming about sending it to the moon, while missing the real life moonshot in silver. 🎥YOUTUBE https://youtu....


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