Podcast Review - the Dark Path book club

Podcast Review - the Dark Path book club

By ChadtheBarbarian | chadwarren | 3 Oct 2020


Isaac Weishaupt has a podcast titled Conspiracies and Unpopular Culture - https://illuminatiwatcher.com


In an earlier number of episodes he interviewed Professor Benjamin Teitelbaum who wrote, _War for Eternity_ about Steve Bannon, who was Trump's first election manager and how he is into an occult concept called Traditionalism which means he wants to cause chaos in order for the next Golden Age past this dark Iron Age to come sooner, at our expense, I'm sure.

These shows interview authors all the time but because my point of view is that the secret socities like the masons control both sides of politics on behalf of Luciferian interests that recommendation worked and it helped that I used the @aloud reader android app so I could have the book read to me like the podcasts I'm accustomed to.

Anyway, I wanted to share my responses to Isaac's questions that he has for the Introduction of his book titled, _The Dark Path_ which is designed to introduce people to these fringe occult and conspiracy topics with sources for his claims and the most concrete examples of this occult agenda that drives geo-politics.

This is a link to a podcast of my responses and asides - https://anchor.fm/chad-warren36/episodes/Dark-Path-Book-Club-Invitation-ekhas0

and here is a similar version in blog form:

1. What got me into conspiracy research?

Where to start?

I think distrust is the origin.

When did that start?

My parents divorced when I was nine.

I had to move with my Mom to the high desert of Southern California halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This made me hate my parents and see them as stupid and weak.

Its painful for me to say that even at 44 years of age because I think they and I and all of us are so much less than God intended because our society is so corrupt.

I was raised Christian. The first church I attended was First Baptist in my hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I remember not wanting to go but then when I was in Sunday School I learned about the Good News and we raised palm leaves on Palm Sunday and I liked it.

Then I was sent to a Catholic school - St. John's (1st - 3rd grade) till my folks divorced.

So, that was confusing that there were different ways people did the Christian thing and that I couldn't go to public school and had to wear uniforms and we had strict teachers some of whom were nuns while others I thought were attractive like my 2nd grade teacher.

I wasn't Catholic and they wouldn't let you take communion yet we had to go to mass like once a week so that was offputting and made me think of Catholics as snobs.

I guess my parents made enough to send me to private school and it was the popular thing to do in that place and time.

When I moved out to California I went to an even weirder Christian school.  It was Assembly of God and they would speak in tongues and we had to go to church three times a week plus we had a Bible study class.

Again, people were sent to these schools because public schools were seen as inferior and a cause of drug abuse and gang activity and loose sex and broken marriages by the people I was around.

A black kid, named Tony, who was my friend along with Joshua who is Mexican-American were the first non white people I knew personally.and were my closest friends at this school.

One day, in church, Tony said, "watch this" and he went down to the front and started speaking in tongues when the preacher would call those who felt called to do so.

He said, "lemme say lemma sa la ma ku sa" like we heard in the Michael Jackson song at the time.  I looked over at Josh shocked and he laughed.

I thought Tony would be in big trouble not just with the preacher and teacher but with God himself for goofing around like that.

Nope, the preacher just went with it and my faith was severely challenged at that point.

I remember playing hookey to go to a video arcade.

Later, I was sent to another Catholic school. It felt like we were orphans or aliens sent from another planet and taught how to be human by these stupid Christian people.

Stand in line, say the pledge of allegiance, say the lord's prayer.

Popular influences such as The Legend of Zelda, the A-Team and the  Beatie Boys started to takeover by the time I was 11.

I was a latchkey kid.  My Mom was a nurse and X ray tech and so I was at home by myself and was given money to walk up to the plaza at the end of my block and rent a VCR and movies.  They would let you rent whatever regardless of rating.

Hollywood was my church.

I also enjoyed hanging with neighbor kids.  We skateboarded and played tag with bicycles and threw a rolled up newspaper to tag the other and we also hung out at an elementary school that was vacant after school let out that was nearby.  We played hide and go seek and guns there.

George Air Force Base was nearby so that military influence was there.

We would go up to a mini-mart run by two Iranian men.  My Mom would make me go in there and buy here stinky Salem menthol cigarettes she would smoke in the car with the windows up and take me to McDonald's on the way to school; so, I thought she was bad because the school and tv told us how evil cigarettes were.

When I was fourteen, I asked to move back to Arkansas to live with my Dad.  I went to public school for the first time and enjoyed it.

At Waldenbooks at the mall, I found The Church of the Sub-genius which is a mock cult that evidently was partially started in Little Rock, which is the state capitol of Arkansas.  Bill Hicks supposedly went to high school here too.  I live in North Little Rock now.

That started me actively looking into the occult.  Movies like Poltergeist, Hellraiser, The Omen, Rosemary's Baby all intrigued me to learn more about the dark side as ofcourse Darth Vader did.

The moving and shifting from different versions of Christianity while seeing that these people seemed no more moral than others confused me so that is what caused me to figure out my own view of reality.  I never have felt I fit in.  When I was very young, I wanted to but my teenage changed that.

Later after my marriage of three years failed and I had one son I wanted to fit in again but that failed too so I accept being a weirdo from a suburban upper middle class environment who lost my college friends when I divorced and talked conspiracy post 9/11.

Through my interest in studying the occult this actually strengthened my belief that there really is a Lucifer and despite being interested in gnosticism and alternative culture I think that Jesus really is the answer even if Christianity was taken over by the Devil when Rome made it the state religion.

Now, eventhough I think the Lucierian masons run all sides of politics and corrupt all identity labels including that of the online truthseeking community I want to start a mutual aid society.  I just don't need it to be secret. Although, I understand that misfits might become more targeted by both the left and right as I think that a world court based in Israel will become publically accepted within seven years from now and true Christianity of the remnant which will be very few people will be hunted for extinction as the last holdouts who won't accept Lucifer as their savior via tech upgrades which destroy our ability to directly contact God via our consciousness applied though physical life.

2. How would we prove there is an Illuminati?

One has to not feel they fit in to mainstream consumer society in order to even ask questions about the occult (hidden) world.

The others can't receive truth because they have chosen to defend the established order.  They are like the children I didn't understand who thought pro wrestling was real.

Now, those people think Trump is real and he has literally performed within the pro wrestling theater.

The Left is just as lost.  They used the idea that 1% of the richest people bully the rest of us as the foundation for their Occupy movement which is a communist class struggle. 

However, if you talk conspiracy and say thirteen families own 98.5% of everything and this means that anything from the established order via education, media and entertainment is part of an agenda not just to hoard material wealth but spiritual wealth as well they deny this.

I can only say that is evidence of mind control.  Its not a difficult concept to talk about how a hidden few conspire against humanity as elitists but one must knowingly throw alway all they were taught about how to be human and interact with others and to what end so you can't preach truth to those who aren't interested.

This is well understood within sales and marketing that you have to establish a want and need based on overcoming a problem the individual perceives they need to take your advice to solve by buying your product or service.

We as truthseekers are also mind controlled.  Knowing the truth will not set you free.  Applying what you learn will.  Do I have the discipline not to eat unhealthy food?  Not near as much as I'd like.  Do I g row my own food?  I have a couple of pallets with a few items like tomatoes, jalepenos, onions, wheatgrass, bok choy but its a small portion of what I eat.

Do we have a system of mutual aid to help each other?  No.  We just have podcasts.  Podcasters and the audience is a first step in setting up a true alternative culture.

The next step would be to spend less time analyzing what the illuminati is doing and spend more time and energy and emotion on taking action to bring our dreams to life instead of argue over nerd shit.

We need to focus on changing our behaivor as individuals first then focus on helping each other; then, we can create media that attracts people to our lifestyle where we are a creative cooperative.

Who is in the Illuminati isn't so important.  What is important is that we accept that we are just as responsible for corruption as they are.  Masters depend on slaves and vice versa.  If one is angry about what goes on they must fix it directly.  All this blaming and arguing is just a way to fool ourselves that we aren't our own worst enemy.  We are conspiring against ourselves and each other by consuming the idea that others are more powerful than we are or have what we want and need.

4. Why do I believe Isaac Weishaupt and listen to his podcast, Illuminati and Unpopular Culture?

I don't believe you or anyone or myself.  I look for knowledge and know how illusive it is.  I know those who are confident in what they know are usually the most incorrect.  Both science and Christianity are operating as a consumer religion which they are not supposed to do.

I like you and your content because its more lighthearted because it is about using people's interest in popular entertainment as a way to discuss the hidden occult prizes in its cereal box.

That makes sense from a marketing angle and as a philosophical movement goal - how can we shift ourselves out of this pop cult?

I also respect your work as one who wants to  be a writer and podcaster myself.  Your military and engineering background have given you a systems approach and you see your audience as your associates and friends on a mission.  It has to be fun because this stuff is so dark and serious.  This is why my other favorite show is Tin Foil Hat because you both appear to be successful as a brand and as philosophers.

While I don't like Lucifer and secret socities subverting everything to their will to use as as tools to become gods I respect alot of the discipline and will they exhibit to dare to achieve what seems impossible - to become a god.

I think Lucifer is in the Bible for a reason and its no mistake that he and Jesus are both referred to as the Morningstar.

David Icke may be controlled opposition but his term, "opposames" is valuable.

Everthing is inter-dependent.  Obivously , if there is a God, it made the Devil and evil.

The polarities of anything like good and evil and the balance of them mean that while we should aspire to conform to God's will by improving our behavior that where we are right now in all its ugliness is just as valuable so I don't run to or away from anything if I can help it.

"The term “occult” is Latin for “hidden.” It also refers to “knowledge of the
paranormal” or “hidden sciences only understood for those selected.” The overall theme of
this book will be to reveal the hidden secrets that an unnamed group of people follow. This
hidden secret is a complete alternative history of the world that guides them to pursue the
“Evolution of Consciousness.”

Aren't we also part of the Illuminati?

If God made us and we are all sinners then this means every single one of us also has the devil inside as INXS sang.

So, its not possible to form a thought or act upon it without conferring with our spiritual and material intelligence handlers.

If there is a CIA deepstate then there is a DIA (decentralized) intelligence agency that we are apart of whether we accept that or not.

We are also conspiring.  Even if we shout our understanding from the digital rooftops of our virutal communities most don't hear or understand it because they have chosen to remain unaware by not looking into it or not being able to understand it just like the rest of us.

This is the value of the symbol of the Alcoholics Anonymous group that is a triangle within a circle.  A triangle refers to a vertical hierachy and is the male energy of consicousness.  The circle is the female energy of the egg and it is the fact that we are all within the same body.

This is why there is the group, "Anonymous".  I think that there is a light and dark side to secret societies.

On one side, they are used to pervert and manage humanity from a hidden cabal of elites.  On the other hand, the elites give us starter cultures to encourage us to become more than we are which is to embrace who we actually are beyond the programming.  Nature vs nurture.

Within both our bodies as DNA and within our consicousness as our subconscious - we have access to and are influenced by seeds that grow if we take care of them.  Secrets secrete.

"When they say Lucifer is the
light bearer, they don’t view him in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense; instead they
believe Lucifer is the anti-hero that is actually saving humanity.
They believe Lucifer gave man the greatest gift of all: intellect."

We need both a desire to learn and be more and well as to give thanks for what we have as enough.  I choose to value both the Jesus and Lucifer archetypes.  Jesus values using reason and analogy as a public speaker and cult leader.  He said we'd do all he did and more.  So, I understand that this tension between opposites is the cosmic sexual friction that gives us physical and spiritual life and growth through the death and rebirth experience which is what the baptism ritual is about from Christianity.  Most are satisfied with consuming what experts produce.  We all are to some degree like me choosing to value this podcast and the interaction with others who appreciate this stuff.

"I know this sounds outrageous, but given the advent of technology, trends in society,
and predictive programming in entertainment; it becomes clear that we are headed towards
this digital matrix kingdom in which we can all become immortal entities at the hands of
our own creation."

Yes, Disney taught us that we all want to live in and create a magical kingdom using alchemy and technology.

Ready Player One showed us a predictable future of extreme poverty and addiction to one virutal game to bing them in the world religion of Lucifer - to become his apprentice like Mickey in Fantasia.

I think I've demonstrated here that we are all part of this just by using these smartphones.  If the Amish are parading for Trump then evidently they are in it too.  Its not possible to not be overcome by life.  That is an arrogance of elitism to act like  one is more moral than others as a Christian and deny our own egoic desire to become more or that we can or should distinguish it from one who allows God's perfection to guide us more.

Isaac mentions that he identifies as Christian but that he has experimented with new age concepts such as yoga, meditation and positive thinking.  I would answer very similar to him in that respect.

I think of the difference between an orthodox and unorthodox approach to life or Christianity is similar to whether or not one should jailbreak and unlock their cell phone so they can set it up as they wish.  Its possible to access those advantages but that comes at the risk of bricking the phone which isn't covered by the the warranty.

So arguments about whether to go this way or that can be diffused by referring to the old Miller Lite commercials where people would argue if its less filling or it tastes great.  The implication is that its both. 

As if it wasn't hard enough to achieve one goal we must also play defense and guard against and value what is going on with its opposite.

Despite there  being alot of hype about the differences between the Chinese and Russian nations vs. the USA there are things we have in common like family and valuing country life and our traditions as much as our techno metropolises along with a distrust of the government by the people.

Isaac mentions his scientific engineering background of a systems approach is helpful to demystify the elitist teachings of the new age suh as Crowley and Blavatsky.

I agree and this is what I bring to the table in my ability and desire to de-construct based on my language comprehension and expression skills.

Isaac speaks of his experience speaking on Richard Hoagland's show and how he was asked to leave because he wasn't professional enough to source his claims and that there was some other issues that came up.

I suspect it has to do with protecting one's ego and view of themselves as an expert and they would rather have a weaker sidekick like Ed McMahon than be upstaged.

Obviously, this fringe world of far out truthseeking is riddled with unstable types who fight each other for dominance as much if not more than they agree one what they enemy is or what a shared goal is.

This happens in any academic or professional setting.

Again, I see Isaac as having done what I want to do in terms of having something to show as a professional in terms of production that people value in terms of learning and as an educational entertainment product so I see him as a mentor in that regard.

Isaac gives us a lay of the land of this book showing that we will explore the influence of the illuminati on popular culture such as rap music, Hollywood movies as well as NASA readying us for the anti-Christ and his demons to come to us in the form of aliens and a world hero leader.

His intent is to make this rabbit hole map for normies which is quite the task even in 2020 when so much of this has been mainstreamed due to the darkside programmining that really ramped up with Star Wars, Michael Jackson's Bad, The Dark Knight Batman, Superman dying, all the black versions of pro sportswear, as well as Disney shows that openly promote Luciferian bloodlines within their programming to our children.

So, won't you join us as we start this book club?

He said he will respond to comments, if possible but that he is becoming increasingly busy, within the first week of each episode's release.

This is a perk of his Patreon memebership.  I'm at tier 1 that costs $5/month.

Its important to me that you consider this offer for two reasons.

Artists need and deserve to make a living doing what they love if people value it.

Secondly, its important to me that we do more than bitch and brag on social media which I consider to be today's version of an intellectual and spiritual ghetto.  We may as well be schizo bums begging for money with grocery carts full of junk they way we squander our use of the internet and allow the consumer cult to divide and conquer us when we need to become the change we want to see in this world.

As Christians, our job is to bring Heaven to Earth to hop to it and pull your heads out of Trump's butt and BLM's idiot mafias.




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My goal is to encourage myself and others to go back to the original design of the internet where we use our own webpages and email vs social media. To decentralize authority and to change our behavior so that we act more based on our interest as opposed to accepting a life reduced to virtually entertaining ourselves to death.

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