Flowers and lake up the Titlis mountain

Sunday hike

By Quick silver | Celebrating life | 14 Aug 2022

Hiking up in the mountains is a way to stay active even with this heat wave that is scorching Europe.

I live in Zurich, surrounded by mountains.

This is my photo report from the Titlis mountain.

We went up with the cable cart, and then hiked our way down.

At the top, it was cloudy, andpretty cold, around 5°C.

Cloudy at the top of the mountain

The restaurants at the top of the mountain are quite nice.

Cafe at Titlis

There is a floating bridge. It's a very popular selfie spot.

Floating bridge

On the way down we got fewer clouds.

Flowers and lake

And some company.


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Quick silver
Quick silver

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Celebrating life
Celebrating life

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