Organic shapes on a tree bark

Nature is the best fractal artist

By Quick silver | Celebrating life | 12 Feb 2023

Fractal art is a representation of the intricate patterns and shapes found in nature. The term “fractal” is derived from the Latin word “fractus” meaning “broken” or “fragmented,” and in mathematical terms, a fractal is a geometric shape that exhibits self-similarity at different levels of scale. This results in never-ending patterns that can be seen at any level of magnification.

organic shapes, tree bark close up

Nature, in its own way, creates beautiful and complex fractals through various forms such as tree barks, bee hives, rivers, clouds, and leaves. For example, the pattern of tree bark is made up of branching lines resembling the branches of the tree.

When viewed up close, the bark is covered in smaller branches that resemble the larger ones, creating a se-similar pattern.

lines on a tree bark

The honeycomb structure of a bee hive is also a fractal shape, made up of hexagonal cells repeated over and over again. The hexagonal shape of each cell is repeated in the overall structure of the hive, resulting in a fractal pattern.

Rivers, clouds, and even in the way that leaves grow on a stem. For example, the way that rivers split and rejoin as they flow is an example of a fractal pattern. The branching of rivers creates smaller and smaller streams that eventually merge back into the larger river.

The fractal patterns found in nature are a reminder of the beauty and complexity that can be found in our world. Patterns and shapes are present around us. From the branching of rivers to the way leaves grow on a stem, nature is the master of fractal art, constantly creating intricate and never-ending patterns.

Beauty and wonder surround us, let's keep our eyes open.

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