roadworks in Zurich

Major Renovation Project on Badenerstrasse and Zypressenstrasse Started

By Quick silver | Celebrating life | 17 May 2024

I have some updates on my neighborhood in Zurich.

There is a major roadwork in progress, it started this week.

roadworks on the Badenerstrasse

There are plenty of construction workers, machines and construction materials all over the place, on the main street and the side streets.

roadworks Zypressentrasse

The work includes replacing old tracks, sewerage, and factory lines, along with upgrading the "Zypressenstrasse" tram stop to be barrier-free. They’re also adding continuous cycle lanes along Badenerstrasse and planting 19 new trees to beautify the area. Plus, a low-noise asphalt surface will be installed once the construction wraps up in about a year. During this time, traffic will be one-way towards the city, and tram service will see some changes, so locals are encouraged to use the VBZ online timetable or the ZVV app for updates. Despite the disruptions, these improvements will make a big difference for public transport users, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

This is a summary of the information offered by the local government:

Project Overview

Starting in May 2024, the tracks, sewerage, and factory lines on Badenerstrasse (Albisriederplatz to Sihlfeldstrasse) and Zypressenstrasse (Kochstrasse to Badenerstrasse) will be replaced due to their deteriorated condition. Key improvements include:

  • Barrier-free access at the “Zypressenstrasse” tram stop.
  • Continuous cycle lanes on both sides of Badenerstrasse between Albisriederplatz and Sihlfeldstrasse.
  • Planting of 19 new trees.
  • Installation of a low-noise asphalt surface upon completion. The construction is expected to take just over a year.

Impact on Public Transport

  • The "Zypressenstrasse" tram stop will be closed:
    • Towards Albisriederplatz: May 2024 to spring 2025
    • Towards Lochergut: August 2024 to summer 2025
  • Passengers should use tram stops at "Albisriederplatz" and "Lochergut".

Impact on Private Transport

  • Badenerstrasse will operate as a one-way street towards the city for the entire construction period.
  • Outbound traffic will be rerouted via Seebahnstrasse/Hohlstrasse.
  • Access to properties and businesses will be maintained but restricted.

Impact on Pedestrians and Cyclists

  • Expect disruptions and follow on-site signaling.

Track Renewal Schedule

  1. First Stage (Albisriederplatz to Zypressenstrasse)

    • May 3, 2024 - July 5, 2024
    • Preparatory noisy work: May 6-8, 2024, and May 24, 2024.
    • Noisy track demolition: May 25, 2024 (1:30 a.m.) - May 27, 2024 (5:00 a.m.).
    • Recasting tracks in concrete: May 27 - June 21, 2024 (night work during tram breaks).
  2. Second Stage

    • Weekend of August 31 - September 1, 2024.
    • Further details to be provided in mid-August 2024.

It has just started, but I am already looking forward to it to be finished, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the street with the new trees.

You can check the official communication here (in German).

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