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Breathing and noticing what's around

By Quick silver | Celebrating life | 9 Jul 2022

For the last few weeks I have been feeling quite stressed. I noticed my breath is often shallow and I figuratively and literally get tunnel vision.

Figuratively speaking I am having the tendency to be narrow minded and staying focused only on the issues that are stressing me out.

Literally speaking, my field of vision is reduced to what I have directly in front of me. I wasn't necessary using my peripheral vision.

I went to a therapist and she gave me some exercises to help me getting out this state.

The first one was to notice my breath and working to make it deeper, and also working on inflating my belly as a balloon when inhaling.

The second exercise had to do with fighting the tunnel vision by directing my gaze in different directions, up, down, to the left and to the right.

I just went to the park for a walk and gave it a try.

At first, felt nothing. I kept on breathing while walking, then I started feeling more calm.

I stopped for a bit and I gave the eye exercises a try. After a few rounds, I started being able to feel more present and being more aware of what was around me.

There was a little red squirrel just near to me. I hadn't noticed it before.

I keept on opening my field of vision and I noticed there were more squirrels around.

I suddenly stopped feeling so anxious and I finally felt able to zoom out of the issues that were bothering me.

There is so much more out there than what I was allowing myself to see, literally and figuratively.

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Quick silver
Quick silver

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Celebrating life
Celebrating life

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