Blue border plant insects

Blue bugs

By Quick silver | Celebrating life | 24 Sep 2021

blue bordered plant bugs

I found these beautiful, shinny, and hungry metallic blue insects high up in the Swiss Alps.

I am not an entomologist, but I did my research and they are actually called blue-bordered plant bugs.

While I was hiking, they were busy devouring plants.

A beautiful visual memory of the last days of summer. 

Their beauty and the natural balance their ecosystem seemed to be in made me think.

In nature, we all have a place.

As humans, do we really know what our place is?

Do we really realise how much damage we can cause?

Do we really know how to repair the damage we cause?

These days, with all the debate around global warming, I seriously doubt we know.

We might need to learn our place and rebuild our relationship with nature.

Or is it already too late?

I deeply hope it isn't late and we can change the course of the degradation we have been causing for centuries.

That's my hope.

I also hope to discover and share more beauty this fall.

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Quick silver
Quick silver

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Celebrating life
Celebrating life

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