TronWin Invest and Earn 3.33%!

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TronWin is a Tron DApp Investment Game which has evolved from the ideas of various ROI and chance games. For the first time, all these game concepts are integrated seamlessly together to ensure a lifelong return on your investment!

Invest and Earn 3.33%

We believe in being fully open when it comes to DApps on the Tron Network so here is how your Investment in the 333 Game is divided up - it's the highest community giveback on the Tron Network!

85% Game Fund! - Feeding the game fund enables a consistent 3.33% return on your investment in the game! 3% Grand Pot- The last investor to invest 10,000TRX in the previous 24 hours wins the Grand Pot prize! 2% Bankers Card Holders- Holders of the Bankers Cards receive a cut of this 2% 3% Referrals- If you've been referred on then a referral commission is paid 5% Maintenance & Dev - Marketing & Developing new games to the network which further feeds into the Game Fund! 2% P3T Fund - Feeding P3T Token holders!




The game contract has been validated and audited by a separate development team - P3T, who have ensured the contract is secure and safe to play. 

To allow expansion you will notice a method within the code to allow other contracts to make use of the game funds (method: gamingFundPayment). This is to allow other games within TronWin network to feed into the dividend pool. 

To ensure this method is safe we have built in a multi-signature feature to ensure it cannot be abused. Only contracts that have been validated and approved by ourselves (The TronWin developers) and an external validator (P3T) can have access to this method. This ensures the funds and the game is safe. This is consistant with industry practices for securing multi-service processes. 

Another area to cover in the game code is the p_settings method. This allows us to modify various settings within the game after it's been deployed. As you may be aware - once a contract has been deployed to the blockchain the code cannot be changed. To ensure a lifelong game we have added the settings to allow us the ability to change things if required in the future. These do not allow us access to the game funds

It allows us to change things like the price of buying a vanity name, investment split, the half life of the bankers cards etc. But if any of these changes were made it doesn't effect any funds already in the contract... and all changes are made public on the blockchain and notified to all players before they are made. 


How are my returns calculated?
Your returns are calculated on the total amount you invest at a rate of 3.33% each day. 

But you are rewarded your returns every minute! 

So for example, if you invest 1000 TRX your daily return would be:

1000 * 3.33% = 33.3 TRX

So every minute your account will be credited with about 0.02 TRX every minute... if you have the page open you'll be able to see your returns ticking up whilst you watch! 


The last investor of more than 10,000TRX in the last 24 hours wins the Grand Pot


Invest and Earn 3.33%




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