TronUp 100 000TRX betting rewards and daily bonus

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 4 Oct 2019

TRON UP 100,000 TRX betting campaign starts, the betting champion can win maximum 60,000 TRX rewards! Meanwhile, the 3rd phase of buyback campaign of UP token starts, we are planning to input 100,000 TRX to buyback UP tokens for the exchanges.       




  Time: Sep 30th 00:00 (UTC) - Oct 10th 00:00 (UTC)  

The competition has been running for 5 days and the rewards for the TRX promoted can be achieved really easily.
As they say, just pluck :-)
The first place with a reward of 60,000TRX is now enough 1,595,434   but mainly to the third place where the reward of 10 000TRX is enough to bet now only 167 840TRX which when added to the dividends and the possible sale of TRC-20 Up tokens, makes a pretty profitable business.  

Earn bonus and dividend

1. THReP...sYyRJ 1595434 -  60000.00  

2. TU44U...zxqfo 907270  - 20000.00

3. TC3Vw...eJftH 167840 -  10000.00

4. TY94j...eHshW 100146 -  1000.00  



  1. Betting Ranking Reward - During the event,a total of 100,000 TRX bonuses are given to the top 20 users.The champion on the leaderboard who bets with most TRX will get 60,000 TRX, the 2rd will win 20,000 TRX, the 3rd will win 10,000 TRX, top 4-10 will win 1000 TRX each, top 11-20 will win 300 TRX each.
2. Dailly Betting Reward - During the event, the daily champion betting with most TRX will get 1,000 UP;
3. Tronlink Lucky Reward - Pick 20 lucky users who use Tronlink App and bet with more than 2,000 TRX to give away 500 UP rewards.



Buyback Update:   The 3rd phase of UP token buyback is going on. TRON UP team injects 100,000 TRX to buyback UP tokens in the exchanges, all buyback UP tokens will be displayed on official twitter and telegram, and burned. The 3rd phase of buyback will last for 1 month, please keep an eye on it.  



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