TronShips start now - get involved right from the start and earn

TronShips start now - get involved right from the start and earn

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 10 Oct 2019

TronShips is the first economic game in which
players receive not only a profit from the
purchase of game objects, but also dividends
from the owners of the project!!!!



GAME START - 53min    10.10.2019 20:00(UTC+1)

registrate - TronShips

you will receive 10ships of the token for free


Daily dividends

Players with frozen SHIPS tokens receive daily dividends throughout
the game. Payments occur automatically at 18:00 GMT.

Prize fund

Part of the funds invested by players is automatically sent to the prize
pool. If the player was the last investor for 2 hours, he can get half the
prize pool. The prize pool logic is programmed in a smart contract. The
site displays the half amount of the prize pool so that players can
immediately see the amount they can win.




Referral program

A player can attract referrals and automatically receive 5% of all
investments of his referrals. A player must register, freeze tokens or buy
at least one game object in order to be able to invite referrals.
link for reff

Is it safe to invest?

The project is based on the smart contract on the blockchain TRON, so it is completely decentralized. All actions of each player are visible to all other players. The source code of the smart contract is freely available, anyone can read it. The project will always work exactly as described in the smart contract. Neither the creators of the project, nor any other people can change the logic of the contract.

How to interact with the game?

Interaction with the game is carried out by transactions in the TRON network, therefore, a browser extension of TronLink or TronPay or the Math Wallet mobile application is sufficient.

How to start making money?

In order to start making a profit right now, you need to register and attract referrals to the project using your link, or buy a ship and receive interest.

How is income accrued?

Income is accrued every 3 seconds and is immediately available for withdrawal.

How to get dividends?

Dividends will be paid automatically EVERY DAY.

Still have questions?

You can ask them in our group in Telegram, where the creators of the project or its participants will be happy to answer you.





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