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By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 8 Aug 2019

Monopoly  now you can play on TRON network.
it has  DAap platform in its games offer

Monopoly is a classic PvP game.

Users get the most benefit by buying a house and collecting rent and finally winning the game.



The user selects a color position to sit down.

After all the positions are full, the system will trow a dice for 4 users at the same time, and the user with the highest number of points will be the first.

The user controls the movement of the car according to the number of points, and can purchase the open space when encountering the open space. Other users who go to the area where they are purchased need to pay the toll of the owner of the area.

When the user walks to the park area, the park fee will be forcibly charged.

When the user´s score is less than 0, they are eliminated.

The surviving user wins and gets a reward.

Play Monopoly

Nearest roadmap
 platform -



How to create a TronLink wallet -


Telegram -

Twitter -

REFERRAL - share you link to invite friends. You will recieve 0.2% of all their bets.


From the first 20 registered to Monopoly I draw 3 to send to their TRX address (which I will see when logged in via link) 10TRX to play.

* the competition lasts up to 5 days or full board



Thank you donation of wins ;)

Trx adress - TFjtdqQ11uYWXf1uDUqzjZJf4hpzid8KRM

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