BTC - prediction

BTC - prediction

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 2 Apr 2019

BTC - pump and what´s next

 If the previous resistance is confirmed as a slide, it might look like this




If the slide does not confirm the mood on the market, it would deteriorate and people would close their positions in anticipation of further sales. This eventuality needs to be very careful, because from the psychological point of view it records big players - a week will be unobtrusively sold at higher prices, then a dull bitcoin, causing an avalanche, and shopping will be about 40% lower.


What would you like - write me in the comments

I already have a bullish script set and we have already overcome this bottom this year :-)

We have strong resistance over ourselves ($ 5900- $ 6400) and it will not be easy to overcome it.
So let's do it

See you next time way to the moon

Thx you for the tips :-)


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